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Divorce – 6 Tips For Helping Your Children Cope

When the divorce process is just beginning, chances are you and your spouse have not settled the issue of child custody. This is a very difficult time for both you and your spouse, but most importantly, this is very difficult time for the children…

How Long Does It Take to Complete an Online Divorce in the State of Texas?

Each state has residency requirements and waiting periods that apply to those divorcing. This article focuses on these factors for the state of Texas as well as other basic information for getting an online divorce in the state.

Stepparent Custody

Stepparents have few legal rights when it comes to custody of their non-biological children after a divorce, as courts prefer to keep a child with his or her biological parent. Even if the stepparent is responsible for years of a child’s upbringing, they still have very limited rights when it comes to seeing the child. Many times, parents will agree on visitation rights for a stepparent. However, if the biological parent does not wish to do so, it can be very difficult to the obtain visitation or custody rights.

Divorced Parents and Moving, the Custody Issue

Many divorced parents with custody of children are considering moving out of Michigan in order to accept new employment. Many times these parents are required to move out of the state in order to find acceptable employment to support their families. This issue becomes complicated when it involves minor children and the parents share joint legal or physical custody.

Advise on Obtaining a Military Divorce in the Military-Focused City of Colorado Springs

Those in the military are not immune from the problem that hounds any marriage: divorce. However, it is not like any divorce because it is a lot lot more complicated than your typical Colorado Springs divorce. And while most Colorado Springs divorce lawyers are somewhat familiar with military divorce, not all of them are qualified to take on your case. To be able to choose the right Colorado Springs divorce lawyer, there are questions when answered will help you determine whether the attorney is qualified to help you in a military divorce. To know what those questions are and the answers to them, please read the article “Advise on Obtaining a Military Divorce in the Military-Focused City of Colorado Springs.”

Divorce – 5 First Steps Of Divorce

There are a lot of steps to follow in the divorce process. Below is a list of the 5 first steps that you can anticipate.

How to Enforce Alimony Agreements

When a couple goes through a divorce, one of the most important decisions they will have to make will be about alimony, or spousal support. When one spouse depends on the other for financial assistance, they may need to receive spousal support payments after the divorce is finalized. When one spouse fails to make these payments, it can make life very challenging for the other spouse. Thankfully, there are a number of legal actions that can be taken if one spouse refuses to make agreed-upon alimony payments.

A Few Facts On the Popularity Of Divorce Lawyers

New York is undoubtedly the most advanced state in the whole world and not only in United States. The number of crimes is also very high and one will definitely find out that only in the New York City around 48 people are killed daily due to various kinds of reasons. Thus, crime is at its peak in this state. Similarly, the number of divorces is also very high and more than 50% of the marriages out here end up in divorce. Undoubtedly, one can find some of the best lawyers out here as some of the cream from all over the US come out here to work since the hourly payment rates out here are very high.

Finding a Divorce Attorney – Critical Points

Today, there are numerous divorce lawyers to choose from, some offering services and specialties in other areas outside of divorce. When looking for a lawyer, pay attention to how long that particular lawyer has been in business.

Can We Use an Online Divorce Site If We Live in Different States?

Divorcing couples face a dizzying number of questions and issues when they approach the decision to divorce and decide how they want to accomplish it. One of the questions that arises when couples decide they’d like to use a do-it-yourself, online divorce site is where to file if the spouses live in different states. This article addresses this and other related questions.

What Does Custody Involve When One Is Getting an Online Divorce?

When couples confront the decision to divorce, they confront a lot of unknowns and that usually creates fear and confusion. When minor children are involved, the term “custody” is one of the first to arise.

Uncontested Divorce Options

A divorce can easily turn into a heated legal battle that involves complex proceedings and a lengthy trial. For couples that are seeking a mutually agreed upon divorce, however, it may be possible to avoid a trial altogether and simplify the divorce process. An uncontested divorce is one option available to those who are seeking divorce if they are able to agree upon the terms of the dissolution outside of court.

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