Big Divorce Mistake #2: Not Analyzing Claimed vs. Documented Income

How To Save On Legal Fees Without Compromising On Quality

Everyone would like to cut expenses, but for many couples going through a divorce, they just keep piling up, especially legal fees. Surprisingly, the experienced attorney with the higher hourly rate may not be the most expensive. When you hire an experienced divorce attorney, he or she will be able to identify the critical issues in your case, set reasonable expectations for the eventual outcome, have the skills to represent you in court, and be able to guide you on where to invest your legal dollars. He or she will have a large database of documents drafted in similar cases to draw upon and customize to fit your needs, saving you time and money. These advantages will likely to save you money over a less experienced attorney. So where can you find some savings without sacrificing quality?

A Critical Tip to Remember When Representing Yourself in Your Own Divorce or Family Law Case

If you attempt to represent yourself in your own family court matter for a matter involving divorce, child support, child custody, placement, paternity or any other of various matters handled by family courts throughout the country, you should always “stick to the point.” Countless people who attempt to represent themselves fail miserably for this one simple reason. They don’t stick to the point.

Real Estate Issues in Divorce

The dissolution of marriage can be rough on a family, and even more difficult if real estate is involved. There are complex laws that surround divorce and real estate that add unwanted tension in an already stressful situation. For a couple, their home is likely their biggest asset.

6 Simple and Effective Ways to Make Child Custody Issues Easier for Your Child

If you’re like most people, you wish all families, including your own, could live as Ozzy and Harriet without issues of separation, divorce, and child custody. As you know, none of us live like Ozzy and Harriet; however, this means that you are not alone.

Mediation and Divorce

The Mediation Process – Every mediator has their own style and approach, but all follow a similar structure to help you reach resolution during your divorce. Typically, mediation discussions involve you, your spouse, and the mediator. Sometimes your children may be present depending on the nature of the discussions.

How to Prepare for Divorce

While every married couple has at least some marital problems, sometimes a marriage regrettably breaks down so far that it is beyond repair. If you are thinking of filing for divorce, here are some issues to think about before doing so.

How To Quickly Find Out If Someone Is Married

Nowadays many people have become highly secretive and deceptive about their marital status to the extent that they spend many years lying about their marital status. There are individuals who get married in one state then they go to another state and pretend that they are not yet married and as such get other partners. When you realize or suspect that you spouse is lying to you, the first question that creeps into your mind is, how do I find out if someone is married? There are very methods of getting to know someone’s marital status. Below are a number of these methods that are highly effective.

Five Things to Consider Before You File for Divorce

Five Things to Consider Before You File for Divorce: Recognize your biggest concerns. Every divorce begins with warning signs. Whether you are considering divorce because of infidelity, money woes, or other issues in the relationship that have become untenable, the full scope of your concerns (and possibly challenges) may or may not be readily recognizable.

Children and Divorce – Helping Them Cope

Where any child is concerned, when their parents are getting a divorce, this is a very confusing, sad, and stressful time. They may question what life is going to be like in the future or be angry because their father and mother are going to be living apart on a permanent basis. It is never easy where children and divorce are concerned, no matter how smoothly things go between the parents.

What We Can Learn From Celebrity Breakups

It doesn’t matter who you are, how many people you know (or know you), or how much money you make. Everyone, regardless of fame or fortune, will face the same life lessons in patience and strength when going through a divorce. Celebrity does not make the emotional and psychological challenges any easier, and it is likely that the media scrutiny exacerbates them.

How To Check If Someone Is Married

Today it is not very difficult to find out if someone is married or not. Now you can know the marital status of the person, but you can also track down who a person is married to and sometimes even where they were married. Previously, government documents were not available to open the research for the public and it was very difficult to trace a person’s marital status.

Five Reasons You Should Not Use A Solicitor

Solicitors can be very useful in many life experiences but they are not the best people to turn to when going to the family court in relation to residence and contact matters. There are five compelling reasons why I would argue that it is not in parents’ interests to instruct a solicitor in private law family court proceedings.

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