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The Statute of Limitations on a Motion Under California Code of Civil Procedure Section 664.6

California Code of Civil Procedure Section 664.6 enables a party to enforce an oral agreement between the parties, made in open court, or a written agreement of the parties, made during a pending action. This article addresses the requirements for a motion to enforce settlement pursuant to Section 664.6, as well as the statutes of limitations for such a motion. These motions are frequently made during proceedings for Dissolution of Marriage where the parties entered an agreement but one party refuses to reduce that agreement to a formal order or Judgment.

Family Court – Legal Divorce Definitions

Below are some of the terms you will need to know if you’re filing for divorce in Ontario: Application: The document used to commence a court proceeding. There are three types of Applications: 1) General Application for Divorce- used when the spouses have unsettled issues and/or one of the spouses is contesting the divorce; 2) Simple Application- used when all that is sought is a divorce; and 3) Joint Application- used when both spouses are seeking a divorce and all issues have been resolved amicably.

Pros and Cons of Do-It-Yourself Divorce

For some, do-it-yourself divorce just makes sense. It’s typically quicker and much easier on all parties involved, as it does not involve a long, drawn-out fight over assets or custody. For others, however, do it yourself divorce is not an option with many preferring to hire an attorney to ensure that their rights are looked after throughout the process to avoid potential headaches down the road.

A Perspective on the Divorce Process

During the past decade, numerous television series have sensationalized the divorce process. Thanks in part to the writers of those television series, we members of the viewing public now have a skewed perception of the divorce process – we mis-perceive the divorce process as being ‘exciting’, ‘vigorous’, and ‘glamorous’.

How to Enforce Your Visitation Rights After a Divorce

In many cases, divorce can bring out bitterness in people. In some cases, that may manifest in one parent choosing to cancel visits that the other parent is entitled to just to interfere with the plans the parent made or to cause frustration for the other parent involved. While it’s usually a good idea to give a little to get a little, meaning understanding if the custodial parent has a legitimate reason for canceling a visit with the expectation that the custodial parent will allow the non-custodial parent to make up that time, it’s also important to understand your right…

Typical Family Law Topics and Services – Divorce

Unless one has experienced a family related problem or a domestic issue, they may not be aware of the many services and topics that family law covers. This arm of the legal system covers everything from divorce and alimony, to custody agreements and adoption. Terms for the individuals that represent those families and people involved are family lawyers, a family solicitor, or family law solicitors.

4 Ways To Get A Cheap Divorce

Divorce is not fun. It’s made worse because it can be expensive. However, there are ways to get a cheap divorce. Read this article to find 4 ways to get a cheap divorce.

Divorce Laws Are Not the Same in Every State

If you think that all states in the United States have the same divorce laws, then you should definitely think again. Divorce laws actually differ from state to state, and they’re different in several ways. They differ in terms of legal grounds, residency requirements, spousal support, child custody, and in many more areas.

Child Support Adjustment During Tough Times

If a child support modification cannot be agreed upon, which is not uncommon, a hearing in front of a judge may be necessary in which both sides may present arguments as to whether the order should be modified or not. If one of the parent’s situation changes permanently, such as if changes are made to child support laws or if one parent becomes permanently disabled, then the order may be permanently modified.

How to Get Divorced When Separated Spouses Live in Different Countries

This means that neither party objects to anything in the divorce agreement and the couple is able to reach an agreement on their own. When children are involved, this is almost never the case, although there are exceptions. It’s never a bad idea to at least speak with an attorney even if the divorce is uncontested to avoid possible surprises…

Comprehensive LegalZoom Review: The Place for Divorce Papers Online

If you need a divorce, then you need divorce papers (unless you’re hiring a lawyer). Read this in-depth LegalZoom review to learn how they can inexpensively help you process your divorce by providing and completing all your divorce papers.

Divorce Is Something Best Left to the Lawyers

A friend of mine is going through a divorce. If it was not for her divorce lawyer, I do not think there would be any end to it.

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