Cheating Husband Blames Affair on Lack of Intimacy From His Wife

Family Law Information

Seperation & Divorce can be a painful and emotional time. This article highlights some important legal aspects you should consider when getting a divorce. Written by an expert family lawer, this article provides useful information regarding the Family Law Act of Australia.

Family Law – Custody of Children

With changes to shared parenting family laws, it is important you get proper legal advice. This article is written by one of our expert family lawyers and details some important information regarding family law custody of children.

College Costs in a Rhode Island Divorce Proceeding

When negotiating a Marital Settlement Agreement the issue of College is sometimes raised. More consistently than not, the mother will… There’s more to this controversial article than meets the eye. Read the article to learn more.

Rhode Island Divorce Tips – The Problem With Cluster Calling!

Most clients can be fairly level headed when it comes to their divorce. Yet there are a few that roll off the apple cart every now and then and rather than chalk it up to a bumpy road, they’d rather shoot the poor guy who is trying to navigate the apple cart around the bumps in the road. Read the rest to find out if the apple cart makes it down the road!

What is a Motion to Set Earning Capacity in a Rhode Island Divorce?

It’s possible to see a Motion to Set an Earning Capacity filed in a Rhode Island Divorce or family law matter. It is better understood when you consider the context in which it might be used. Let’s say an attorney represents a woman whose husband previously made a high 5 figure income such as $95,000 as upper level management in… Read the whole article to find out about this powerful and even devastating motion!

Rhode Island Divorce Tips – Inconsistencies Part III

Perhaps one of the more frustrating things that occurs a bit more often than it should is an inconsistency with judges that can be identified as: Read the article and learn the Part III Inconsistency you need to know in Rhode Island Family Court! Judges can render inconsistent decisions or provide inconsistent direction in a case not only when presented with the same fact pattern but even when presented with the same case!

Online Divorce Records – FOC Or Fee Based

Divorce records are one of the public records under State jurisdiction that is required by law to be availed to the public. They can be accessed on-site, by mail and online through the internet. Of these methods, online retrieval through the internet is the most widely employed by some way.

Rhode Island Divorce Tip – Inconsistencies Part II

Rhode Island Family court is no picnic. It’s an ocean of trouble that you should be scared to travel even if you have a seaworthy craft. It’s easier when you know what to expect. Take a minute to read a few true stories . . with names changed to protect the ….

Rhode Island Domestic Abuse Law – Things You Need to Know!

Domestic Abuse laws in Rhode Island. There are so many things that people think they never need to know about it UNTIL something unexpected happens. Read this short little article and find out what you may need to know in Rhode Island if you least expect it.

Shropshire Solicitor’s Divorce Warning! Divorcing Couples At Risk If Former Partner Goes Bankrupt

UK couples should be aware that their divorce payouts could be at risk if their former partner is declared bankrupt. A Shropshire divorce solicitor has warned couple’s facing a divorce that their financial settlement could be at risk if their former partner is declared bankrupt.

Shropshire Solicitor Divorce Warning to Wealthy Husbands Regarding European Court of Human Rights!

Wealthy husbands are looking set to fight back following a rush of multi-million pound divorce settlements. One husband has decided to challenge the ruling in the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, which could have a huge impact on future rulings in the United Kingdom Divorce Courts.

Rhode Island Divorce Court Conferences – What Happens Behind Closed Doors?

In Rhode Island Divorce cases you may at times see the attorneys for the parties in the case go behind the court bench and into the Judge’s chambers for a case conference about the facts and issues in your case. Is this good? Is it bad? If you want to get an idea about these conferences, read this article and find out.

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