Deadbeat Dad with 25 Kids Owes Thousands of Dollars in Tennessee Child Support

Seek A Family Law Expert For Divorce Advice

Marriages are made in heaven and divorces are fought in courtrooms. It’s a cliche but one that is very true. Divorce is a time when the battle lines are drawn. It is not a healthy state of being for sure. One feels estranged from the person one emotionally invested in. Yes, there has to be a deep fissure developed in the relation, some issues that could not be sorted out, some traits that could not be changed, and some accountability that is too tough on the mind and various other reasons. All this and the queer feeling of being separated and married at the same time, makes divorces tough.

Overview of Spousal Maintenance Awards in Divorce and Legal Separation

In a divorce or legal separation, spousal maintenance may be ordered by the court to provide important financial support for one party or the other. Maintenance is paid by one spouse (or former spouse) to the other spouse (or former spouse). Some states refer to such support as alimony, others as spousal support. In any case, the purpose and result is the same, as we’ll discuss in this article. Historical Basis for Alimony — Times Have Changed There was a time when traditional marriages were entered into with the understanding and agreement that only death could terminate the bond. A divorce was only possible when there was evidence of marital misconduct, or fault. Once fault was established, the court looked to punish the party responsible for destroying the marriage. Need for Alimony. Alimony was a solution to a very real economic problem. A divorced woman’s chances of finding work sufficient to support herself, even marginally so, were not promising.

Filing For Divorce Requirements Varies By State And Province

Are you getting a divorce? The filing for divorce requirements vary by state and province. Read here to learn about filing for divorce and some options you have to get a cheap divorce.

A Child Support Attorney Can Help You Collect Back Child Support in Lump Sum

Are you not receiving child support from your ex-spouse in spite of the stringent laws on the books concerning child support that are contained with the Colorado Revised Statutes, in Articles 13 and 14? Child support laws are based on the fact that regular payments are in the best interest of the child and will make a difference in their everyday life. If you want to know what to do, please read the article “A Child Support Attorney Can Help You Collect Back Child Support in Lump Sum.”

Joint Custody

Divorce can be an emotionally and physically draining experience not only for each spouse but for the children involved. These kids have to go through major changes in sometimes a short period of time, learning to live without both their parents in the same house. Dealing with child-custody during divorce is one of the most difficult parts of the process and can be very emotional when deciding how to split time, holidays, and weekends.

Factors in Equitable Distribution

Equitable distribution is the goal of a divorce settlement. The courts try to divide assets equally between the former spouses. However, this distribution is not purely based on finances. A settlement based only on finances will not necessarily reflect the effort, time, and services that were provided during the course of a marriage. Equitable distribution will then be decided by the following factors.

Divorce With Children: Three Practical Rules To Make Your Divorce Easier

Few divorces are simple and uncontested. Most take time, litigation, and money. How you act from the beginning of your divorce case can help make your case go quicker and easier. This article explores three practical rules that, if followed from the beginning of the case, will make your divorce go easier.

Filing For Divorce

The end of a relationship can signal that its time to consider filing for divorce. You may have been fighting with your spouse for the last couple of weeks, months or even years.

What You Should Know About Separation Agreements

A Separation Agreement, also known as a property settlement agreement, is a contract between married persons in which rights, duties and responsibilities arising out of the marital relationship are settled and compromised between the parties. Matters addressed in such agreements may include property division, debt division, spousal support, health insurance and expenses, litigation costs, divorce costs, attorney’s fees, child custody, visitation and support and payment of educational expenses.

What Is the Actual Authority of an Agent in Law?

The agents authority to do things may come from various sources. It may be formally and expressly given in instrument of appointment or it may be given orally. It may be implied by the conduct of the parties or it may be inferred from the nature of the employment of the agent.

Can Someone Be My Agent and As a Result of the Operation of Law?

At common-law, a spouse or a de facto spouse is presumed to have the authority to pledge the credit of the other spouse the necessities which are suitable to the parties lifestyle and which fall within the domestic management of a spouse. This presumption is based on the assumption that spouses living together an express or implied authority to manage their household. The necessities over which a wife may pledge a husband credit are things which are necessary and suitable to their lifestyle so long as they are within will once more authority.

Tennessee Child Custody Considerations

Even an otherwise amicable divorce can turn acrimonious when child custody issues cannot be resolved. The two areas most likely to create difficulties in a divorce are child custody and division of marital property and often the parties cannot reach a compromise when deciding these issues. A Memphis divorce lawyer can help mediate the disputes that arise between you and your spouse and explain any legal issues that may influence child custody in a divorce suit.

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