Determining Income for Child Support in Tennessee

About Child Custody: Never Lose Your Kids

Divorces seem to sometimes bring the absolute worst out of people as a divided union is separated in two parts, with both parts ending up with less than when it began. For the children who tend to rely on their sense of security in that union, this can be upsetting to say the least. Their trusting relationship is now broken and they can become uneasy about exactly how any new relationships will operate in the future.

Where to Find a Good Divorce Attorney

Once you and your spouse realize that irreconcilable differences have caused too deep a rift in your marriage to repair, divorce becomes the more appealing option. You may be reluctant at first to obtain the services of an attorney – seeing as such a move might be interpreted as “preparing for battle” – but consulting with a lawyer as soon as possible is a good thing for both of you. This action need not imply that you want to take your spouse to the cleaners – hiring a lawyer helps you to better understand the process of dissolving your marriage and dividing assets, which is especially important if you have children. Finding the right lawyer to assist you, though, can be a challenge.

The Role of the Family Law Mediator

By choosing to behave in any of the above ways is to consciously allow a divorce to take on a life of its own, taking the focus away from those issues that are in dire need of attention: the needs of the children, the disposition of assets, the ability to survive financially post divorce, where the parties will live, with whom the children will live, how the family medical and dental expenses will be paid, and how a surviving parent and the children will be cared for should one parent die. At best, the task is daunting; there is no time for unproductive arguing or juvenile jockeying. Lives will be restructured by the divorce; there is no avoiding it. However, if people choose to meaningfully participate in the process they will retain far more control on the outcome and the future of their families.

Prepare For Divorce Proceedings – Get These Three Things Ready Now

Proper preparation for a divorce proceeding is both a protection and a great advantage to your case. I suggest you get these three things as soon as you see your relationship heading down the path to divorce – support, evidence, and control of your finances.

Deciding To Reconcile Or Move On

A question almost all people considering divorce ask themselves is should I reconcile? You are an older and much wiser person now with a few experiences here and there and now you have a huge decision to make.

Can People In Divorces Successfully Hide Financial Assets?

People think that it is possible to hide away money from their spouse in a divorce. But these funds can be located if you take the first step of an asset search investigation.

Hiding Divorce Assets: Protect Yourself

Divorce can make the most civilized people act in a most uncivilized manner. If a couple has money or property many couples will fight over these things. If a couple has kids they will many times fight over who has custody of the kids. If neither of these are true couples will fight over anything and everything else, from the smallest items like dishes, furniture or even plants. I have heard of couples even fighting over the better blender.

Family Law Firms: Choosing The Right Divorce Lawyer

No one is a winner when it comes to getting divorced. But, you do need to not only get the best possible resolution; you also need to protect yourself and your children’s best interest. There is no other way to get on with the rest of your life.

Mediation Disadvantages – When Mediation Is Unable to Resolve Conflicts

While mediation is considered an excellent ADR technique, it is only effective in certain cases and there are a number of issues that can adversely affect the outcome or even result in further complications to the conflict issues if mediation is used. Besides understanding the mediation process and procedures and being aware of how mediation can facilitate conflict resolution, it is even more important to know when mediation will not work and why.

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Hire A Divorce Attorney

From the early part of the 20th century through the 1980s, the divorce rate increased substantially. The divorce rate began to go down after that time, but it is still at approximately 50% with women filing close to 70% of the time. This is still a huge percentage, but all of them may not be require a divorce lawyer. Ask yourself these 5 questions before you seek the services of an attorney.

Discovery Process In Divorce Explained

In order for a divorce to get completed, information has to be gathered from all parties involved. Because one side, or both, may have animosity towards the other, information might be withheld. Therefore, the discovery process is in place so each side can legally gather relevant information about the other, mainly facts.

Do I Need a Lawyer for an Uncontested Divorce?

Simply put, no you don’t. An uncontested divorce means that neither side is challenging or objecting to the agreement hammered out by the couple that is getting divorced. The agreement may contain such things as division of assets and property, spousal support, child custody and visitation, or child support. Even if pursuing an uncontested divorce, the moment one of the parties objects to a single item in the agreement, the divorce becomes contested.

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