Dr. Phil Calls Out Cheating Husband’s Actions

Rhode Island Divorce – The Confusing DR-6 Financial Form

If you’re in a Rhode Island Divorce proceeding you’ll be introduced to a form known as the DR-6. You may hate this form but it has a purpose. Discover what you need to know about this form and it’s significance in your Rhode Island Divorce, child support or other family court proceeding.

Life After Divorce or Separation: Will I Lose My Legal Status?

Discusses avenues of relief for persons who are divorcing or separating prior to their two year anniversary.

Divorce & Alimony-Understanding The Different Types Of Support Awards

Whether you are seeking or being pursued for alimony, it is important to understand the different types and what they mean to you. If you are currently dealing with alimony, as either the provider or recipient, a professional divorce attorney specializing in this area can offer powerful divorce advice.

Los Angeles Divorce Attorneys

Given the high profile of some of the residents of Los Angeles, which include Hollywood actors, it can be expected that, when these people go through a divorce, they can have access to some of the best family lawyers. This is because given the complexities that would be involved in a divorce between people who have huge resources that need to be divided, the lawyers involved in these cases need to be really skilled in handling divorce cases. In addition to this, the messy custody battles that often characterize divorce cases between high profile personalities also require a good amount of skill from lawyers. However, this does not mean that only high profile personalities can have access to good divorce or family lawyers in Los Angeles. This is because there are a number of sources or options from which people can gain access to good divorce lawyers.

New York Divorce Lawyers

Divorce lawyers in the US fall under the category and domain of family lawyers. Divorce is a tough phase in a couple?s life as they go through a lot of emotional trauma and the entire case becomes a mental challenge for them. The basic qualities that a divorce lawyer must possess are patience and understanding. It is very essential for a divorce lawyer to handle divorce cases with a lot of maturity and professionalism.

Ohio Divorce Lawyers

Divorce can be a very traumatic experience in a person?s life. Divorce refers to the legal separation and termination of a marriage. Divorce laws vary from state to state. To file a divorce lawsuit, a complaint should be registered. The spouse who registers the complaint is called the plaintiff and the other spouse is the defendant. To file a divorce case in Ohio, individuals should contact proficient lawyers who have adequate experience and specialization in Ohio Family laws. In Ohio, divorce can be granted on grounds of ‘no-fault’ and ‘fault’ ‘Incompatibility’ and ‘living separately for a year fall under no-fault grounds. Fault grounds include reasons such as bigamy, adultery, cruelty, fraudulent contract of marriage, gross negligence of duty, alcohol addiction, imprisonment and out-of-state divorce.

Divorce – Duped Dads and Deadbeats

With an estimated 50% of all marriages ending in divorce and a pervasive attitude that the courts don’t always render decisions that are gender neutral, men are often relegated to feeling powerless in the face of the legal system. This situation becomes even more apparent when children are involved.

Divorce Is An Excruciating Process

Divorce is an excruciating process. It hurts the sentiment and morale of everyone involved. We at Urban & Pozzuto LLC strive to make this process smoother and quicker. The creative attorneys at Urban & Pozzuto LLC believe more in a separation through mutual understanding rather then the Hostile divorces. Mediation or collaborative divorces are a growing way of resolving split-up issues. Collaborative ways are less adversarial and allows greater control and privacy to both parties. It also saves money, saves mental stress, and in most cases achieves outcomes comparable with adversarial methods. The mediated settlements are also encouraged by courts and such divorces often got approved quickly. Collaborative law approves to the process where both sides are represented by lawyers but obligate to negotiating a resolution and refraining from litigation. Comparatively harmonious approach such as collaborative divorce usually reduces the pain of divorce for all parties.

General Property Issues Related to Divorce and Family Law in California.

Learn about the various aspects of property rights and division during a divorce in California

Information about Divorce, Dissolution of Marriage, Legal separation, and Annulment in California

Going through a divorce is arguably one of the worst things you’ll have to go through in your life. Here is some general information that may help.

Experts Agree: Divorce Proceeding Go Much Smoother When Mediation is Involved

While divorce is a trying time – both financially and emotionally – studies show that mediation leads to a much more satisfactory outcome for all parties involved.

Annulment as a Legal Procedure

An annulment is a legal procedure for declaring a marriage void. An annulment treats a marriage as though it never happened, so it can be considered a good option for spouses who would rather clear their permanent record of its existence. As a rule, it differs from divorce where an otherwise legal marriage is ended on a specific date.

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