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The John and Sally Story – A Typical American Divorce

Contrary to popular belief most American divorces are settled by agreement, not by a court trial. That said most divorcing Americans don’t realize that after spending thousands and thousands of dollars on attorneys fees and court cost they will ultimately settle ALL differences in a Marital Settlement Agreement signed out of court. Wherefore IF that is the eventual resolution of divorce matters why not work towards an agreement from the very beginning and avoid the cost of attorneys?

When Does Mediation Really Start?

People usually believe that mediation begins when all concerned parties meet in the mediation room and take their places at the mediation table. The truth is that mediation begins when disputing parties agree to participate in a private mediation or when they are notified by the Court to appear in a mandated mediation session.

Midlife Crisis Or Divorce?

No matter who you are or where you are in your marriage, there is a good chance that either the husband or the wife will at some point, go through a midlife crisis. When one starts to get older, the realization of the passing of time can be a tough thing to deal with. You start to question if you are working the right job, married the right person, or simply just unhappy with your life.

Counselling Can Save a Marriage From Divorce

When a marriage starts to go bad, one of the first suggestions made by family, friends and even pastors from your church are to get counseling. Getting counseling for your marriage can be an embarrassing ordeal to go through, but it can be a necessary part of fixing an otherwise broken marriage that will lead to divorce.

Save Your Marriage Before Divorce Is a Great Idea

There are so many marriages that are destined to head to divorce right from the very beginning. Marriage used to be a sacred and special thing in society, but in recent times, it has become a thing to try out and if you end up in divorce its no big deal. Divorce used to looked upon as something that was almost shameful, and now it is second nature in our society. Because people get married for the wrong reasons, the end result can be very bad.

Weekend Retreats Can Save a Marriage Before Divorce

Are you at a point in your relationship that you feel it is getting really boring for you?  Are you coming home from work and just want to be alone because your spouse just doesn’t have the spark of love or you have simply lost that loving feeling?  You may be in need of a weekend retreat to put that spark back in your life.

Alimony Termination – The Three Rules of Cohabitation

Are you or your ex-wife or ex-husband “living with” a boyfriend or girlfriend? Then in the State of Michigan, you may be able to terminate your alimony or spousal support obligation.

Hidden Assets And Divorce

In event of a divorce, it is foolish to expect your spouse to put forth all his or her financial assets in black and white. At a time, when one has reached a situation where there is no desire to share the same roof, the possibility of willingness to share assets equally is rather remote. Feelings of resentment towards each other could further aggravate this psyche of hiding one’s assets during marital discord.

How One Word Can Save Your Divorce Thousands of Dollars

What if there was one word that could save you thousands of dollars in divorce attorney fees? Well, there is, but it’s probably not the word you think.

Dating During Divorce – Is It Okay?

Legal separation of a marital bond can be an extremely trying time for the couple involved. At such an emotionally low juncture in your life, you may get lured into acquiring support from another caring individual. Although this may prove to be a powerful psychological support to withstand the prevailing turmoil, think hard before you leap as dating during divorce proceeding may end up increasing your problems.

Visitation Rights For Non Custodial Fathers

Dissolution of marriage is certainly not an easy decision to make. Despite inharmonious circumstances, the two parties tend to analyze the situation in every possible way before ending the relationship. The trauma of this separation and responsibility of making the correct decision increases if there is a child involved.

Understand Termination of Parental Rights

Decades ago, society dwelled in the belief that the bond between parents and children was inseparable. The judicial system of present times has proved differently. There is provision of termination of parental rights that signifies breakage of the parent and child bond including the custody rights.

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