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Child Custody – Rights for Fathers

Years ago, the role of the father and mother were distinctly segregated within the family structure. While the father’s predominant role was that of a bread winner, the mother was assigned to taking care of the household and the children. Due to this notion, in matters of child custody the mother was always rated as a better custodian.

Simplified Divorce

Some divorce cases take years to be finalized. Disagreements about money, child support, and child custody can take years to settle before the couple is legally split. However, for some lucky couples, they are able to take advantage of a “simplified divorce.” The name says it all. This type of divorce allows the papers to be signed inexpensively and quickly.

Single Parents Legal Rights

Parents may be intrigued to discover that as they look for single mothers legal rights, there are numerous locations to look. Government agencies, help lines, charities and local and national group meetings are out there for assistance. It’s always a very good strategy for single moms to familiarize them selves with their legal entitlements, and the expectations in respect of entitlements, and options, when things go bad.

The Basics of a Divorce in Kentucky

Divorce in Kentucky can be a trying and complicated affair. This article discusses the basics of a divorce proceeding in Kentucky.

Family Law – Know the Issues That May Come Up

There are laws related to every important thing. Family law is one such section that includes good range of family related matters. It may be pre-nuptial arrangements, child custody, visitation, adoption etc; there are much complications in today’s modern life and you never know when you may have to make use of these family laws. Hence, it becomes important to make yourself aware of these laws.

Why Men Lose in Family Court

Ever wondered WHY men always seem to lose in family court? Are there ways to make it more fair? Truth is MOST men are their own worst enemy when it comes to family court matters.

Prenuptial Agreements in Michigan – The Five Steps and Foreseeability

In enforcing prenuptial agreements in long-term marriages, the Courts in Michigan have found that the facts and circumstances changed since the date of the agreement and refused to enforce them. This new decision limits the trial courts ability to throw out a prenuptial agreement that the trial court does not like and substitute its own decision rather than follow the prenuptial.

Fathers’ Rights – Paternity Cases If the Woman Is Married

When a married woman becomes pregnant and gives birth, the husband of the woman is automatically considered to be the father by law. This is not questioned unless he has doubts and wishes to establish paternity at some point, or someone else believes they are the father and wishes to establish paternity.

Fathers’ Rights – Establishing Paternity Outside of the Courtroom

When discussing paternity issues, there are many steps that take place in a paternity case, whether you as the father do the serving of the papers, or if you are served with papers by the child’s mother. And while the court room is where most custody, child support and paternity cases are resolved, you can settle many of these things outside of the court room.

Fathers’ Rights – How Does a Paternity Case Proceed?

If you are served with papers in a paternity suit, or if you want to establish paternity yourself, you may be wondering how this is all going to proceed. If you have been served papers already than the mother, or her lawyer, began the proceedings by preparing both a summons and petition for paternity and often custody. If you want to proceed, you will need to do the same. The petition is going to state the parent’s requests to the court. The summons is the part that lets the other parent know what is going on and if they disagree with the petition that they need to respond.

Understanding Paternity and Establishing Yourself As the Father

Sometimes, in a custody battle or child support case, it becomes necessary to establish yourself as the father so that there are no doubts whatsoever. Usually this is done by the mother or state trying to get support from a man she is claiming to be the father who doesn’t want to pay. But there are times when it is necessary to have paternity established as part of your rights as a Father. This may be especially important in the case of the unwed dad whom the mother wants to have no part in the child’s life.

Fathers Rights – A Quick Overview of Paternity Cases

Paternity cases happen when there is a question as to whom the father is or if a child really belongs to a particular man. They can be started by either the man or the woman, and happen for various reasons, often to do with the supposed father paying child support for the child in question. Here is a quick overview of some paternity case basics.

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