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California State Divorce – How to Start Yours

California state divorce laws are not that difficult to understand if you have good information. With the right advice, instructions, and explanations, you can get your own divorce started without hiring an attorney, and save a lot of money on legal fees. This article will provide an overview of California state divorce laws in the context of how you can start your own divorce. You will learn what California law says about the roles of the Petitioner and the Respondent and implications of each role in the divorce.

Advice for Divorcing Couples

I have the greatest respect for people facing divorce. Divorce tests the limits of the sturdiest people. It can challenge our self-view, life-view and bearing all at once.

Do Your Own Divorce Books – A Story That Changed the World

This story begins with an idealistic young lawyer who was working as Senior Attorney for Contra Costa County Legal Services in the late 1960s. There he discovered that many people who came for help were not poor enough to qualify for free services, but were too poor to pay a lawyer. They were stuck in situations the law said they had to do something about, with no way to do it.

Getting an Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested divorce relies on the couple being able to work together to come to a settlement. This is a form of divorce that will probably not work for couples who disagree on many key issues. Common arguments include child custody, alimony, and the division of assets. If these cannot be settled, a different form of divorce may be pursued.

Advantages of Uncontested Divorces

An uncontested divorce provides an easier avenue for couples who are able to agree on different issues of their divorce. Individuals who remain in control of their emotions and can agree on property and retirement account divisions, child custody, and alimony can choose this option.

Benefits of Legal Separation

Legal separation is a court approved separation of a couple. The couple remains legally married, however the separation is handled much like a divorce. There are many reasons people will decide to pursue a legal separation. Some religions look down upon couples that divorce. Obtaining a separation can help a couple take time apart to repair their relationship without being looked down upon. Other people do it because in the future they can make the choice between getting back together and getting a divorce. If they decide to get back together, they will not have to deal with remarriage. If they decide to divorce, a separation has probably already addressed the key issues that will be discussed when coming to a settlement.

The Divorce Sentence

The divorce sentence is a particularly important aspect of a divorce procedure, which doesn’t have to be explained by the court once it is pronounced. It doesn’t matter whether both of the parties request it, the sentence being irrevocable and also permanent. However, the two parties can ask for an appeal in thirty days after the pronunciation of the divorce sentence.

General Things About Getting a Divorce

The divorce is a means of ending a marriage. There are two ways provided by the law when it comes to such a procedure and these would be the following. First of all, both of the parties can agree to this procedure or such a procedure occurs as a result of the two parties not getting along anymore under any circumstances.

The Effects of Getting a Divorce

The patrimonial effects of a divorce seize at the date when the mention about the divorce request was made on the margin of the marriage certificate or at the date when they solved the divorce using other means. The divorce is pronounced and the sentence is permanent and irrevocable, so that the parties don’t have the right to an appeal.

Temporary Measures During the Divorce Procedure

A divorce lasts for a certain period of time over which the two parties aren’t actually married anymore so that the law makes sure that certain precautions or measures are taken during the divorce procedure. These measures can be related to the personal relationship between the two parties and to their patrimony.

Getting Divorced and Reasons for Getting a Divorce

If you want to get divorced, you need to fulfil different conditions related to your relationship to the one who want to get divorced from. You need to have broken up with that person at least twelve months before you file the divorce case. Then, you also cannot have any minor kids. Getting married is a decision made by both partners and so is getting divorced. The divorce request you want to file has to be signed by both partners…

The Procedure With a Divorce

Any divorce case is solved by the legal institutions which has its jurisdiction in the region where the common home of the two parties involved is. If the two don’t have a common home or a common establishment or if neither of them lives in that particular area, the competent legal institution to take care of the divorce case is the one that covers the area of the defendant’s home. If the defendant lives in a different country, the competent legal institution is the one that covers the area where the plaintiff lives.

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