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The Five Biggest Mistakes Men Make in Family Court

Family court is a very unforgiving place. You must learn how the system works and make sure you do and say the right things the first time.

Representing Yourself in Family Court

Can I represent myself in Family Court? Will the Judge look down on me if I don’t have an attorney? What if my ex-wife has an attorney and I don’t? Here is the good news!

California Child Support Payments – Myth and Facts

One of the greatest myths about California child support payments is that there is anything to argue about. California has a mandatory statewide guideline for child support, so dragging a child support argument into court is futile.

Is Divorce The Best Answer To A Troubled Relationship With Your Spouse?

This article defines the effects of divorce on married people. It gives tips on why people need to think about their decision carefully if they are planning on getting a divorce.

Finding Divorce Records Across Various US States

Though there are a number of US states which have some centralized systems for recording divorces, several states are yet to go far enough. In other words, they’re still sticking to the practice of keeping divorce records at the local courthouses which executed the divorce order. Usually, copies of these records stay at state level databases.

Divorce Records – What You Need to Know

All divorces start with official filing you need to run the appropriate program here. Each and every step from the court case will be saved or archived. The data hence are sent to the state database.

Family Law Counsel

There are many specialties in the legal world. Here is what family law experts cover. If you think you might need one at some point, then please read this article.

Divorce Attorney – Why Hire A Lawyer Instead Of Going Alone

Divorce is a hard thing for everyone. Filling out the paperwork and filing on your own might save a little money at first but could have problems later. A qualified divorce attorney can help you. Please read on to learn more about this topic.

How a Divorce Mediator Helps Couples Divide Their Personal Property

When husband and wife divorce, one of the many decisions they have to make is how to split their personal property. That decision is particularly difficult because each item is likely to be a sad reminder of happier times. And therefore its value has both an economic and a sentimental (hard to quantify) component. So, how does a mediator help divorcing couples divide their personal property quickly and fairly?

Hours-Of-Service Regulations for Bus Drivers

Driving in high-traffic situations requires a great deal of focus and concentration. A slight miscalculation or a moment of distraction can have disastrous results for a vehicle and the people the vehicle is transporting. For this reason, there are regulations enforced by the federal government that outline the legal time limits a bus driver, or a driver of any commercial motor vehicle may drive. These regulations are put in place for the safety of the driver and the passengers and citizens affected by the driver’s proper vehicle operation.

Same Sex Divorce

Although many states do not recognize the union of two individuals of the same sex into a marriage, many such couples do exist, and depending on their state and local jurisdiction, they can file for benefits for domestic partners, civil unions or possibly even get married. Also, such couples still require judicial input if they are to split up, and do not have clear guidelines to divide their assets. As such, an attorney will be of great value, as he/she will use legal concepts and reasoning that is likely to persuade a judge of considering your needs.

Alimony Payments – Can They Be Reduced?

The court system has a provision to alter spousal support, i.e. alimony, if there has been a ‘material’ change in the situation of either party. This ensures that the system is not unfair, and takes account of new situations and facts. Also, both parties are entitled to look at the new financial circumstances, and only after appropriate discovery has been produced does the court further consider a reduction in alimony.

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