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A Good Divorce Lawyer Will Recognise A Winning Settlement

It is so often the case that during a divorce the only people who seem to win is the Divorce Lawyer that you have to pay to resolve the separation issues. Of course there are usually two divorce lawyers involved as your spouse has to have legal representation also and this is only fair as the last thing you want is to have is a situation where the settlement gets contested at a later date due to some legal irregularities.

McKenzie Friends – What Can They Do for You?

McKenzie Friends started as informally appointed, unpaid friends in court. This article shows how things have moved on.

Choosing Your Paternity Lawyer

Establishing paternity is not a straightforward case of completing the paternity acknowledge form and having your name not left out of the birth certificate of the youngster. Signing the form would only acknowledge you as a pops and would serve as an authorization for that state to deduct kid support from you salary compensation. Unfortunately, it doesn’t imply you’re sharing custody of the child.

Informing Children Of A Divorce

A divorce is very hard on an entire family. Children are susceptible to misconceptions and skewed information. This article has information on how to notify your child that you and your spouse are getting divorced.

Divorce, Money and Debt: The Ties That Bind You

There are usually more than a few of financial responsibilities that tie married couples together. And many of those couples also carry some degree of consumer debt, have retirement and investment accounts, and may even own a business and have children. But out of all the financial considerations of divorce, the ones that provoke the most anxiety and may be the most difficult to deal with are: marital homes and debt.

Cost of Legal Separation Or Divorce

In a divorce case, you may not have to hire a lawyer always. Perhaps you will be able to work with your spouse, get in touch with mediation and save money and save money in proceedings. Mediation is really cost effective, but always not possible.

Divorce Law 101 – Learning The Basics

Most state courts acknowledge divorce petitions filed only by persons who are under the jurisdiction of the District Court. To find out whether a person is eligible to file a divorce, they should meet the minimum residency requirement, which is 90 days prior to the date of filing. Below is a overview of some divorce law basics.

How Courts Handle Child Custody Cases

Officially speaking, many states and courts don’t refer to it any more as a matter of child custody, but a matter of allocation of parenting and decision-making responsibilities. Many state legislatures are officially changing the terminologies to get rid of the tendency of many parents to consider their children as property they should have custody over. Below are a brief overview of how courts handle child custody cases.

Are Common Law Marriages Common?

Common law marriage is not so common any more. Only 9 states recognize new common law marriages, while a handful of others recognize common law marriage entered into before a cutoff date. Common law marriage is an informal marriage or a “marriage by habit and repute.” Contrary to the popular myth, just living together or having a child together is not enough to enter you into a common law marriage.

Top 5 Reasons for Choosing Legal Separation Over Divorce

Learn about the top 5 reasons for choosing legal separation over divorce. Legal separation is a good fit for some life situations.

Post-Termination Contact With A Biological Parent

In specific instances, a state court may decide that terminating a biological parent’s legal rights regarding his or her child is in the best interest of the child. This determination can be made for a number of different reasons including any mental or physical conditions that impair an individual’s ability to care for the child. This challenging but crucial decision can be determined by the court, if a parent is charged with a crime or appears before a judge for other reasons. In some circumstances this is a voluntary action that is deemed necessary by the parent him or herself.

Does Divorce Need To Have Conflict?

Unfortunately, more and more marriages are ending in divorce. With the divorce rate steadily climbing, it’s a wonder that anyone still gets married anymore. Sometimes relationships end amicably but most often they end in a heated war over who is to blame and who gets what.

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