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Rhode Island Divorce – Free Consultations, You Get What You Pay For

People don’t like using lawyers let alone paying them. Many attorneys offer free consultations. Others offer paid consultations. Of course most people would like to get something for free…or something for nothing as some say. But what are you getting in a free consultation?

Rhode Island Divorce – The Right Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer for You!

Divorce is an important step and has substantial ramifications on your life. How important is it to select the right lawyer for your divorce? It’s more important than you think. How do you find the right Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer for you? Read the article to learn how to find yours.

Rhode Island Divorce – The Qualified Domestic Relations Order

How are annuities, pensions, 401ks and other retirement plans divided in Rhode Island Divorces? The Qualified Domestic Relations Order is used in Rhode Island Divorce Cases to divide retirement plans in divorce situations. Find out more about the QDRO by reading this article.

Rhode Island Divorce – A Pre-Paid Legal Insurance Plan Might Help in Your Divorce!

Legal Insurance Plans can aid you financially when you least expect it. Many legal insurance plans cover divorce and post divorce matters. Are you anticipating a divorce? Read this article and find out what a legal plan can do for you.

Rhode Island Divorce Tips for Court Appearances!

Want to give yourself even the tiniest edge when you go into Rhode Island Family Court? Read this article and find out how appearances DO make a difference and what you can do to get THE EDGE!

Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer Tips – Subpoena Bank Records

Your child’s parent is taking you to court in Rhode Island Family Court for Child Support modification. You suspect he or she will lie about his or her income. Want to find out what you can do to help protect yourself?

Rita and Chester – A Post Rhode Island Divorce Tragedy

Rita and Chester have been divorced for many years. They had four children together and live within about five blocks from each other. The marriage broke down when Rita’s best friend (who was also married) began sleeping with Chester on the side. This lead of course to a divorce several years back. Rita got placement of the four children, Tammy, Lucy, William and Christine.

What You Need to Know About Texas Standard Child Visitation in a Divorce

Deciding how to divide your child’s time between you can be one the most devastating issues in a divorce. In a good situation both parents come to a mutually agreeable schedule that fits into their lives and the lives of their children. In a bad situation, the parents can’t agree on when visitation should occur. The Texas Family Code contains a standard possession code, also sometimes called a standard visitation schedule, for just this situation.

C’mon Would You Really Expect To Get A Divorce For Only $200?

Rhode Island Divorce only $200. I see this title from time to time. It’s a teaser line that is advertised to get people’s attention and hopefully entice them to get in the door.

Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer – The Doctrine of Transmutation

In a Rhode Island divorce you may not have heard of the “Doctrine of Transmutation.” Yet it’s something you certainly want to know about or at least something you don’t want to be surprised by.

How Do People Select Rhode Island Divorce Attorneys to Interview?

Let’s face it. Rhode Island lawyers and lawyers in general are officers of the court. We’re supposed to be servants of the public. Yet at the same same we’re independent practitioners and we we’ve got a job to do and money to bring in through our private practice or we don’t survive.

Divorced Dads Tips – Problems & Solutions During Christmas and Other Holidays

Divorced dads face many problems during Christmas and other holidays with their children. But there are solutions. Learn the successful strategies of other fathers who have won in family court.

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