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Getting a Divorce?

There are many things that go through a person’s head when considering a divorce, what will happen to the children, how will this affect my finances and what adjustments will I have to make to my lifestyle? Without a doubt, a divorce will be one of the most life-changing experiences you will ever undergo.

How Can I Enforce My Divorce Decree?

The best way to prevent problems with enforcement of a Divorce Decree is to make sure that a proactive approach is taken when the Divorce Decree is being negotiated and, ultimately, crafted. For example, as a divorce attorney in Minneapolis, representing a party, I must not only ensure that the Divorce Decree sets forth the basic information (who is getting what, etc), but I must also attempt to project, anticipate and minimize any problems in the future.

The Facts About Retirement Accounts & Divorce In Minnesota

If a spouse earns retirement benefits during marriage, the other spouse has a marital interest in such assets. As a Minneapolis Divorce Lawyer, misconception to believe that retirement assets are individual assets because the individual earned them.

What Private Investigation Services Can a PI Provide?

A good Atlanta PI firm will offer a wide array of services to their clients. There is some overlap between categories but they are usually dived into services for individuals, corporate services and technology based services.

How to Hire a Private Investigator

Do you know what to look for when hiring a private investigator. Know what type of questions that needs to be asked?

Grounds For Divorce in South Carolina

In Order to receive a divorce in South Carolina you must have one of the five available legal grounds. This article provides a brief explanation on each of the available grounds in South Carolina.

The Right Time to Contact a Divorce Lawyer

The decision to end a marriage is never an easy one. Emotions run high, there are financial considerations, and that doesn’t even begin to address the added complications if kids are involved. Once the decision to file for divorce has been made, the need for a highly qualified family law attorney cannot be overstated. Each state has its own laws in regard to divorce, so if you are filing in Chester County, Pennsylvania, it is of vital importance that you hire an attorney who specializes…

How Bankruptcy Affects Alimony and Child Support

Bankruptcy filings in America are at their highest level in five years, according to the American Bankruptcy Institute. A Phoenix divorce attorney explains how bankruptcy affects child support and alimony obligations.

Using Your Parenting Plan For Summer Vacation

Summer is that magical time in a child’s life when there is no school. For divorced dads, it usually means a switch in the child custody plan.

Cohabitation Agreement Solicitors – Protect Yourself and Your Partner

Unfortunately, the way that the law in England and Scotland is at the moment affords no real protection or provision for couples who choose to live together but are not yet married. The law provides those couples who are married with certain assurances should anything go wrong. Firstly, in the event of the marriage breaking down the couples assets are able to be divided subject to a divorce settlement.

How Divorce Solicitors Can Actually Make the Process Less Stressful

When it comes to divorce people often think that involving professional legal representation is an unnecessary step which will only make things more complicated. A lot of people also think that professional divorce solicitors will make an agreement more difficult to achieve. This view often leads to the divorce process becoming far more stressful than it needs to be.

Why Effective Law Firms is Needed to Solve Your Family Issues

There is definitely a need for effective law firms are needed to solve your family issues. This is very true as there could be a lot of problems in the family for which people may have to go a court. Here comes the need of a body of law which may guide families towards a better future from an impartial point view.

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