Fighting the Custody Battle Against a Selfish Parent

The Most Important Factors To Consider When Hiring A Divorce Attorney

You have just learned that your spouse wants a divorce and you are wondering what you should be looking for in a divorce lawyer. While there are many lawyers in the area, not all of them possess the skill you need or want. When it comes to divorce, the process is just as important as the final settlement.

A Hard Reality – Surviving Divorce

Getting divorced can often feel like the end of life as you know it, but you do not need to let it prevent you from forging a new and exciting personal existence that is focused on your own needs and goals. Keep in mind that almost 50 percent of all U.S. marriages will end in divorce, so this means that you are not alone.

Single Father Advocacy Groups

When talking about single parents, it’s often easy to focus on the mothers and dismiss the fathers, especially in custody battles. Many state attorney offices do an exceptional job in representing their single mother clients, while the dads in need of legal guidance are left out in the cold.

Spousal Support and Alimony

Alimony is a legal term used in reference to a court-determined amount of money that one spouse pays to the other after the event of divorce. The alimony amount is generally determined based on each individual’s income.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Hiring Family Law Attorneys

Going through very stressful family legal matters can kill you especially if you have no idea where to get some good legal help. Read on to find out what things you need to consider when hiring the best family law attorneys so that you can get through the most trying time in your life with more ease and less drama.

Dissipation Claims in Illinois Divorce Cases

Illinois divorce cases often involve claims that one party has “dissipated” marital assets. The Illinois legislature has recently amended section 503 of the Illinois Dissolution and Marriage of Dissolution Act to set forth specific requirements and deadlines that must be met in order to make a dissipation claim. This article will review those changes.

Divorce: Prevent Bitterness From Overwhelming Your Life

Divorces are an emotional process and can quickly spiral out of control and overwhelm the litigants. This article provides tips to avoid that disaster and instead focus on concluding the divorce so that the parties can move on with their life.

Is There Such Thing As Grandparents’ Rights?

Let me repeat the question. Is there really such thing as grandparents’ rights? The answer is yes. Family lawyers are very familiar with this as they often meet these kinds of issues in their years of profession handling various family cases.

Residency Requirements for Filing Divorce

If you have reached the point where you feel confident that your marriage cannot be reconciled, you should definitely explore the option of getting a divorce. However, it is essential to note that each state has specific guidelines that you must adhere to before you will be legally eligible to go through this process.

Child Custody Options After A Divorce

Resolving child custody is one of the most critical aspects of any divorce. After all, it is essential for both parents to have the option to fill an active role in their child’s life unless one of them is unfit due to substance abuse, neglect or other similar serious issues. It is important to note that each state creates its own custody and child support guidelines, so it will be important to familiarize yourself with each applicable law in order to have the best chance of getting the level of custody that you are looking for. Additionally, an experienced child support lawyer can help you navigate throughout the legal process and increase your odds of getting favorable results.

Safely Settle The Divorce Benefits

Qualified Domestic Relations Order or QDRO is an order that is found in the divorce settlement, where the ex-spouse is permitted to get some benefits from the retirement plan. Here, the court will issue orders as to how the retirement benefits should be shared between the couples, who have decided to live apart.

7 Ways to Avoid Heated Arguments With Your Spouse

Marriage is not always what a person expects that it will be. Sometimes people go through a difficult period of not getting along, separation, or even divorce.

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