Filing For Divorce Without A Lawyer

A Default Divorce Takes Power Away From The Unresponsive Spouse

A default divorce strips the unresponsive spouse’s power to make decisions about how the dissolution will proceed. When one party chooses not to cooperate, the spouse who opened up the divorce case will receive everything requested on the Petition document regarding any property and debt division, child support or spousal support amounts, and child custody schedules if there are minor children born of the marriage.

Is Divorce Mediation Right For Your Situation?

Divorce mediation is a process whereby a mediator works with both parties to reach an agreement on all terms. A mediator is there only to keep the process structured and help each party accomplish their goals as much as possible.

Divorce and Family Law Attorneys

Hiring a lawyer for a family situation or divorce is a very tough situation. Divorces are difficult for all that are involved but you shouldn’t make the situation more difficult by hiring an attorney who is not qualified to handle your needs. Statistically, nearly half of all marriages will end in a divorce.

Divorce Attorneys – 3 Tips to Prepare for Your First Meeting With Your Lawyer

Hiring an attorney can be both expensive and daunting. Each firm practices it own form of advocacy and has its own rates and reputation. To help you decide if this firm is for you and to help your lawyer give you the best advice, you should follow these three tips at your first meeting.

Recognising and Escaping From Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is on the rise. Figures released by the Crown Prosecution Service have revealed that the number of spouses prosecuted for acts of domestic violence has more than doubled in the past five years. Men remain the main perpetrators with 55,000 successfully convicted in 2010 compared with 28,000 in 2005.

Virtual Infidelity – How the Online World Is Fueling Divorce Applications

We at Quickie Divorce know a thing or two about the online world. We also know a thing or two about divorce! Who better to examine how the internet is causing irreparable rifts between married couples.

Father’s Day Post Divorce

With children tending to reside with their mothers following divorce, making arrangements for Father’s Day can be a problematic task for a divorced couple. In fact, for many dads, the prospect of spending Father’s Day without their children is a very real and, indeed, harrowing possibility.

Divorce and Marital Home Abandonment

You are about to get a divorce. Should you move out of the house – or not? What do the courts or lawyers expect and what about societal expectations? This article answers those questions and more.

How Long Should You Expect Your Divorce Proceedings to Take Before Being Finalized?

One of the most common questions I get from clients about divorce is how long is it going to take? As with many questions in law, the answer is “it depends.” While most states have a minimum waiting period between filing the paperwork and finalizing the divorce, there are many factors that can influence the time it will take for you to get your divorce proceedings finalized.

What Is a Legal Separation and How Do I Get One?

Not every troubled marriage requires a divorce, sometimes you just need a separation to take stock, get counseling, and rekindle your relationship. Yet, as with many things in life, even a separation can be difficult.

What Are The Divorce Filing Forms?

The state/province/country-specific filing forms are one of three major parts of any divorce. This article focuses on the filing forms portion of a divorce and gives an example of them for one US state.

Who Gets Custody of the Pets in a Contested Divorce?

When spouses that are in the process of a divorce are incapable to agree about each facet of the divorce agreement like children’s custody, little one support, alimony, splitting up of community assets, and so on. the divorce will become contested. An uncontested divorce is the simplest approach in which a pair might get divorced and infrequently has the slightest complications and a smaller monetary strain on each parties.

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