Gabby Petito’s Father Says Laundrie Family Is Not Taking His Calls

Prenuptial Agreement Solicitors – Can a Prenuptial Agreement Be a Positive Thing?

A prenuptial agreement is part of modern marriages that tends to split common opinion. Are they a good thing, or a bad thing? Are they destructive, or can they strengthen a marriage?

Family Solicitors – How Using Professionals Will Make Your Life a Lot Easier

Having a family issue that needs resolving through the courts is a very stressful and emotional experience. Unfortunately these cases almost always become emotionally charged. This can put a great strain on both sides that are directly involved in the case as well as those family members and friends who are only indirectly involved.

Winning Your Divorce – Men Only

Hey, guys, have you ever thought about why men who go through a divorce generally lose their case? That is, they generally lose the right to live in the home where they once lived with their family, they lose the right to the custodial care of their children, they lose the right to decide how their earnings will be spent, and they somewhat lose a part of who they once where before the devastation of the divorce. Statistics suggest that men lose their divorce cases because they do not have adequate representation in the court room, and they do not have…

Child Support and Shared Custody

Decisions regarding child support and shared custody are beginning to favor joint custody over sole custody. The courts’ recent disposition stems from the belief that children benefit more when parents share the responsibility of rearing them, and their welfare should be the major factor under consideration. As far as available resources for children of divorce, youth are likely to have more of their basic and special needs met when both parents participate in their care.

Managed Divorce

Over the last few decades there has been a steep rise in the number of marriages that fail, ending in separation or divorce. For unhappy couples in Milton Keynes that are considering divorce or that have already separated and are looking to conclude matters there are a number of issues that a divorce lawyer will ask you to consider.

Who Really Needs a Family Solicitor?

It is a very clear fact that we all stand a high probability of requiring some form of legal help with our family matters. Family solicitors provide a large spectrum of services designed to take care of your interests.

The Collaborative Divorce Process – 5 Reasons Why it is Better Than Litigating

The collaborative divorce process has gained national attention during the past several years as more efficient, collegial, and cost effective way to obtain a divorce. Five reasons why include the fact that a collaborative divorce takes less time, costs less, is less contentious, gives you more control over the process, and causes less stress and anxiety for the participants.

Considering a Family Solicitor For Divorce

Statistics are always quoted that say one in three marriages fail, and if you are the one in the three, whether in Northampton or anywhere else in the country you are most likely looking to appoint a divorce solicitor to handle your affairs. It may be that over the years you have always used the same family practice of lawyers on the odd occasion you needed a solicitor’s advice. This is normally with house purchases or setting up trust funds, so it’s worth checking that the solicitor firm you usually consult handle divorce.

Divorce Using a Resolution Registered Lawyer

As more and more people face the prospect of divorce, Bedford is no different from the rest of the country. If you are living in Bedford and are separated or thinking about starting divorce proceedings there are a number of processes you will have to go through.

Grounds For Divorce in Thailand

Laws are quite lenient to Thailand Divorce complex processes. Thus, in filing a divorce in Thailand, it would be best to seek legal assistance from competent and well-experienced lawyers.

Introduction of the Hindu Marriage Act 1955

The Hindu Marriage Act 1955 was enacted by the Indian Parliament in the year 1955 with the intention of regulating the personal life among the Hindus, especially their institution of marriage, its legitimacy, conditions for divorce and applicability etc. There are many significant features in the provisions of the Act that lay down the very foundation of marriage. The basic essence of the act is that it appropriately recognizes the religious ethics and morals of the Hindus.

3 Important Questions to Ask a Divorce Attorney Before You Hire Them

Before hiring a divorce attorney, one of the most important things you can do as a future client is to ask questions that will help you know that the attorney will effectively handle your case. Question 1: Have you previously handled a case or cases that involve the issues in my case?

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