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How to Change Your Name Legally

If you are thinking of changing your name, there are two factors to consider – the specific reason you wish to make the change, and the state where you currently live. These are both relevant factors in the process and affect the process by which you will do it. A name change due to marriage is the simplest process.

Working Through Family Issues With ADR, Part I – Mediation and Settlement Conferences

We use several different forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to try to resolve issues in family law cases prior to trial. When family matters are settled without the necessity of a trial, the parties typically save money and wear and tear on their emotions. Although resolving every issue before a trial is not always possible, many issues can be addressed successfully in advance, removing those matters from the trial agenda. Here are four forms of motions used in Arizona to request ADR: 1. Motion for Mediation. 2. Motion for ADR Settlement Conference. 3. Motion for Parenting Conference. 4. Motion for Custody Evaluation.

Working Through Family Issues With ADR, Part II – Custody Evaluations and Parenting Conferences

In Part I, we covered Arizona’s Motion for Mediation and Motion for ADR Settlement Conference. In this Part II, we’ll introduce two additional ADR services used in family law cases with children: the Motion for Parenting Conference and the Motion for Custody Evaluation. MOTION FOR CUSTODY EVALUATION – One of the primary differences between mediation and a custody evaluation is confidentiality. Mediation, which is confidential, involves a neutral mediator who hears each parent’s case and assists the parties in reaching a voluntary agreement — sometimes the parents reach agreement, and sometimes they don’t. In contrast, custody evaluations are not confidential — the evaluator reports his or her recommendations to the judge in the family law case.

Determining Child Support

It is not easy to assign a monthly child support payment. There are many considerations to be taken into account. This number is difficult to determine because of each family’s unique circumstances. It can also be difficult for both parents to agree on a fair amount. Therefore, decisions over child support payments are sometimes not set in stone for years following the divorce.

Sexual Abuse in the Home

Many people fight with their spouses and many parents discipline their children, but some people take those actions too far. Some individuals may resort to violent actions against their loved ones, including sexual abuse.

Reasons for Increasing Alimony

Alimony, or spousal support, is often one of the most arduous parts of a divorce proceeding. Settling on a fair amount of support often requires that both parties involved make sacrifices and accommodations. This can be a hard pill to swallow for everyone involved in a divorce. But there are times when alimony payments really do not provide adequate resources for the recipients needs. Decreased outside income, increased cost of living, or increased costs of supporting a child are a few examples of reasons for increasing alimony.

How to Choose an Honest Family Attorney?

Divorce involves many issues and for this it is important for you to choose a good and honest family law attorney who understands your condition and most importantly specializes in divorce. So, look for skillful and expertise before negotiating on anything.

Hiring the Right Solicitor for Your Legal Needs

It is hardly unlikely that you might not have used the services of a solicitor at any point of time in your life. Solicitor services are necessary whenever there is a delicate family matter.

The Canadian Divorce Act – Role of Marital Offenses and Separation

Under Canadian federal legislation, the Divorce Act applies to all divorces granted in the country. Under the provisions of the Act, for a divorce application to be considered on legal grounds, either party is required to demonstrate that a breakdown of the marriage has taken place.

Modifications to Child Support Agreements

In the United States, laws require that both parents take responsibility for the care of their children. In the United States, laws require that both parents take responsibility for the care of their children. Even if a parent has little to no involvement in a child’s life, he or she may still be responsible for providing financial resources to support the child’s health and education. A child support agreement will detail how much financial responsibility each parent must provide. After these payments have been set, they may still be modified in certain circumstances, especially if one of the parents has experienced a significant change in his or her life.

Divorce Attorney: Do I Need One?

Divorcing from one’s spouse is never a pleasant situation, but doing so without legal help can be dangerous. Learn whether or not you need a divorce attorney when facing an upcoming separation.

What Are the Duties of a Family Law Attorney

A family law attorney is responsible for solving issues dealing with families and couples. Many are involved with divorce law and probate.

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