Is Overtime Included in Child Support in Tennessee?

What To Do When Your Exspouse Does Not Show Up for Child Visitation

Continuous missed visitations can be harmful to your children. My task is to make sure you understand that Michigan courts do not want to eliminate any visitation times with children and you may need to adjust your schedule. It is important that you need to make clear to your children that none of the missed appointments are their fault.

Choosing the Right Service to Prepare Your Divorce Documents

To save money these days, people are exploring options other than traditional law offices to prepare their divorce documents. This article explores some common options available for preparing divorce documents.

Best Interests of the Child in Child Custody Arrangements

During a divorce, child custody issues can be some of the most difficult to resolve. In most cases, a court will make the final decision on who has primary custody of the child, based on what the court feels is in the best interests of the child. The court uses many different criteria to determine the custody situation that they feel is best.

Insurance Matters After Divorce, Part 2: Automobile, Homeowner’s, Life, and Disability Coverage

This article will help you begin taking control of your new insurance needs. In Part 1, we discussed aspects of automobile and homeowner’s insurance after divorce. In Part 2, we’ll introduce you to life and disability insurance. When you’ve decided what coverage is right for you and your family, be a smart consumer and compare costs. Insurance companies vary significantly in the premiums they charge. You can save a lot of money by spending a little time shopping around for the best insurance product for the price you can afford.

Insurance Matters After Divorce, Part 1: Automobile, Homeowner’s, Life, and Disability Coverage

Your divorce is final and you’ll be taking a serious look at your finances as you move forward with your new life. Set aside some time to review your insurance coverage and read your certificates of insurance. Your circumstances have changed, significantly. Does each policy provide the level of protection you desire for yourself, your children, and your property? In this article we’ll look at automobile, homeowner’s, life, and disability insurance coverage after divorce…

When Children Are Involved

You love your children and you will do what is necessary to protect them from the ugliness of the divorce process. Oklahoma law makers understand what you and your children are experiencing and they have incorporated two additional steps into the divorce process that are designed to help your children make the adjustment throughout the divorce process….

The Seven Deadly Sins Of Divorce

The seven deadly sins of divorce are…#7 Speak Out Of Turn During Court. Each judge has a system, and that system is their way of maintaining orderliness in their courtroom. Honor the system, or you may damage your credibility with the judge.

Divorce And Children – How to Minimize the Damage to Your Kids

How do you minimize the traumatic impact of divorce on your children. The fact is divorce and children don’t mix well. Actually divorce is ugly no matter what. However, you and your spouse can take steps to minimize the damage to your children. Find out how here.

10 Ways A Family Law Solicitor Can Help You

Do you have a legal problem, issue or enquiry relating to family life? Here are 10 ways a family law solicitor may be able to help.

Be Wise – Find And Choose The Best Divorce Lawyer

Marriages are a part of every ones lives and now as time is changing divorces have become even more common. Be it any part of the world or a small city like Hialeah, a city in Miami, everyone has a right to move out if the marriage is not working, the law states it. There are many divorce lawyers in Hialeah and some are very famous for getting the right verdict for you, so that you and the other person both benefit. The divorce attorney should be chosen correctly and you should know everything about it.

False Accusations and Personality Disorders

He said/she said situations are difficult to judge. With no witnesses we are left to judging credibility or circumstantial evidence. We see these situations in crimes such as rape/sexual assault or on the home front in the form of a Domestic Violence Petition/Restraining Order.

Social Benefits Afforded to Individuals Who Can Marry Vs Same-Sex Couples Who Cannot Legally Marry

Many same-sex couples in long-standing monogamous relationships maintain that they do not feel strongly about the issue of same-sex marriage. These same-sex couples fail to appreciate the numerous financial and social benefits afforded to legally married couples.

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