Jeff’s Divorce Story

Divorce Process – 4 Things You Need To Know

The divorce process can be one of the worst periods you’ll ever go through in your life. If you don’t make careful decisions, you might end up dragging the process for years, eating up all your money and remaining goodwill with your spouse.

Pursuing a Divorce in Texas

Each state has its own set of laws related to divorce and other family matters. These laws and processes define everything from the waiting periods for divorce to child support payment formulas. In the state of Texas, many of these situations are formally defined in the Texas Family Code.

Preventing Issues With Voter Registration After A Marriage Name Change

Many people decide that when they get married they will take on the name of their spouse. Historically, many women have done this to take on their husband’s name.

How Changing a Last Name Affects Official Business

Changing a last name after marriage is a scenario that can cause considerable confusion with receiving mail if it is not taken care of thoroughly and handled right. The following are some things to keep in mind when dealing with this alteration of personal information.

Are You Considering a Divorce?

A family law attorney typically handles divorce, paternity, adoption, custody, child support and spousal support. These are extraordinarily sensitive legal topics that will likely need the help of a focused lawyer with experience in this field. By far and away, the end of marriage is the most common type of case handled in a family law practice.

Why It Pays To Use Divorce Mediation

The divorce process is a complex and strenuous one that unfortunately many people have to endure. The duration of this process generally takes about a year or so before it becomes official, as there are quite a few steps that have to be completed. Divorce mediation can help reduce some of the stress and pain, not to mention that it’s far less expensive.

Uncontested Divorce Can Ease the Painful Process

Divorce is a difficult and painful experience for all parties involved. Fortunately for some, the option of avoiding a messy divorce by mutually agreeing on the important details saves time, money, and most importantly, heartache.

Will You Be at Risk Without a Binding Financial Agreement?

It’s commonly known as a pre-nup agreement, prenuptial agreement or a money agreement. By means of one this may also promote a harmonious relationship in a marriage and minimize conflict if perhaps a marriage does not last. So check out why you should consider a binding financial agreement.

The Benefits of Using Divorce Mediation

A divorce is often synonymous with stress. The closer a person’s divorce case gets to court, the more powerless and helpless they tend to feel. Court is time consuming, expensive, and a judge decides the final outcome rather than the individuals going through the divorce.

The Present Statistics On Single Parents Show Parallels To Married Folks

Children living in single parent households have similar upbringings to kids who grow up in homes with two married parents. Although it may not have been this way in the past, current statistics on single parent households prove otherwise in today’s society.

Can I Get a Modification of Permanent Spousal Support Award?

Spousal support and other court orders related to divorce can be a source of stress and frustration for both parties. Divorce does not have to be ugly in every case, but it often is and these orders can be a source of contention, which often leads to greater expenses and more headaches on both sides. However, despite the trouble, obtaining a modification of a spousal support order may be the individual’s best option.

Top Legal Separation Questions

Legally, there is a difference between separation and divorce. However, this difference is not always clear to couples facing marital problems. Each state has its own laws regarding legal separation, and this can make it all the more confusing, giving rise to questions like the ones below.

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