Judge Discusses Charges Against Parents of Alleged School Shooter

Testifying in a Divorce Case

Although some may panic when they realize that they may have to testify in front of a court during the course of their divorce proceedings, the stand is an important platform that should be treated with truth and impartiality. Instead of worrying about what to say and how to best create a favorable phrase, there are a few key tips to remember before going before the court in order to produce a truthful and direct testimony.

Divorce Residency

There are a few considerations a couple should think through before filing for a divorce. In particular, some of the major concerns are whether or not they are allowed to file within their current state of residency. When it comes to divorce, residency can prove something of a serious problem, as couples may split before actually filing the proper legal papers. If one person moves to a different state, the rules of divorce may differ in that jurisdiction, making it more or less possible to file for divorce.

5 Things a Parent Must Know Before Relocating Their Child In Florida

Florida is unique in how it handles a parental relocation out of the area with a minor child. This article is SPECIFIC to the laws and rules regulating a relocation of a child in the State of Florida. Please note that if you live in State other than Florida, consult an attorney in your State to see what rules relate to you. This article address four things you must know before you attempt to relocate.

Can You Find County Divorce Records Online? Know How the System Works

We’re about to share some public divorce records that you can find or access online. It’s hard to imagine why anybody would intend to search for divorce records. Still, for the ones who’ve got some burning reasons to know, there’s one good way to get access to database of public divorce records.

Choosing a Divorce Mediator

Third-party mediation is an efficient and practical method for working through the details of a divorce without going to court. The inclusion of an unbiased third party can help to relieve tension between spouses by providing a reasonable and considerate opinion that is beneficial to both parties. Often in divorce proceedings, emotions and general frustration between the two parties can bring divorce proceedings to a standstill. With the inclusion of a third party mediator there is a person able to motivate both sides to consider the ultimate goal of these process and help to accomplish those ends.

No-Fault Divorce States

Every jurisdiction in the United States has different standards and reasons that a party may file for dissolution of marriage. No-fault divorce describes any divorce where the spouse suing for divorce does not have to prove that the other spouse did something wrong. All states allow divorces regardless of who is at fault. So what are the pros and cons of no-fault divorce?

Divorce and Consent Order – Why Every Divorcee Should Get One

This article mainly concerned with people who are looking to deal with their divorces online, rather than face to face with a traditional high street Solicitor, but the issues will be the same as we explore why we would always advise that people getting a divorce also obtain a consent order. What is a consent order?

Only a Mesothelioma Lawsuit Can Bring in Good Compensation

People suffering from mesothelioma need to spend a huge amount for their treatment. This disease of mesothelium, known as mesothelioma, usually is caused due to prolong exposure to dust and asbestos. So, this disease is more common to the workers who work in stone-crusher industry or asbestos company.

The Two Different Types of Divorce in Your Family Case

There are two types of divorce in most States: The Uncontested divorce and the contested divorce. Which one is right for you is dependent on your unique facts. Click below for help on choosing which type of divorce you will need.

Grounds for Annulment Of Marriage

In circumstances of marital discord, there are three options available to the couple. The most hassle free alternative is separation without any legality involved. The second way is to obtain a divorce, which can be financially, physically and mentally taxing. The third option comes in the form of annulment.

Divorce and Health Insurance Benefits

Human behavior in any relationship is very complicated. In terms of marriage, till one is in harmony with each other all steps are taken in unison. However, the moment discord sets in; each party tries to pull the maximum benefits towards his or her end.

How to Find Marriage Records Online Free

There are an estimated five million marriage records alone in Florida which are maintained at the Vital Statistics Offices. In spite of these records being available for public viewing, much of the content is private and confidential. Anyone is able to request a copy of a marriage certificate by following a set protocol.

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