Memphis Attorney Says Hiding Assets Not Uncommon In Tennessee Divorce

Responsibilities of an Attorney Handling Appellate Cases

When you want to file an appeal regarding a family court’s decision, consult a qualified and experienced attorney. The attorneys are used to handle different tasks associated with it like preparing the brief and presentation, tackling oral argument, and so on.

Uncontested Divorce – Mutual Agreement or No Fault Divorce

There seems to be a bit of public confusion about what is meant by “uncontested divorce”. A few words on the subject may serve to clear things up.

Reasons To Consider A Divorce Mediator

Divorce will never be an easy process. However, the increasing popularity of alternatives, one of which is divorce mediation, provides you with a better, less painful, less expensive alternative to the usual divorce scenario.

4 Reasons You Need a Family Attorney

In cases of adoption, laws can vary quite a bit from state to state; therefore, it is imperative to retain a lawyer who can ensure that proper legal procedures are followed. If laws are not strictly followed, this could result in substantial delays in the process of adoption, a denial of the adoption, or it could give cause to overturn an adoption at some point down the road. A family attorney has the knowledge necessary to traverse the legal channels of both private adoptions as well as those conducted through adoption agencies.

Choosing a Good Divorce Lawyer

Choosing a good divorce lawyer is important if you believe that you may be facing a divorce. Every state has hundreds if not thousands of lawyers available for hire; however the best legal counsel that you can consider when facing a divorce, is a lawyer that specializes in divorce cases.

Why Do Couples Get Divorced? – The Top 3 Causes of Divorce

If you are considering divorce or marriage it is smart to know what could cause you to get divorced or what could save your marriage if it gets in trouble. One of the questions many newly married couples or even couples that have been married ask is, why do couples get divorced? This is also accompanied by the question, what should I do if I want a divorce? Here are the answers to both of those questions.

Divorce and Bankruptcy

Divorce is hard enough but divorce and bankruptcy together make this a tough life event to endure. Financial problems can put a lot of stress on a marriage, and it might be best to follow through with a bankruptcy filing before filing for a divorce.

Dividing the Marital Residence in Divorce

The marital residence in divorce is a sore subject for those who are going through a divorce, and not all states have the same laws on how to divide property. This is why it is never a good idea to tie everything you have to the primary residence.

Legal Ramifications of Online Ordination As A Wedding Cleric

Many folks become ordained online in order to perform a wedding ceremony for a friend or family member. Others do it for private grounds. Whatever the reason, many considering online ordination wonder if it is legal.

When It Comes To Divorce 50/50 May Not Mean Equal

Some people mistakenly believe that if their marriage ends in divorce that assets will automatically be split 50/50. However, this is not the case. Laws regarding how to split marital property vary from state to state, but there are two general systems for dividing property in divorce.

Common Divorce Laws Procedures

Each country and state has their own divorce laws. These laws in place so that the divorce process is clear and can go as smoothly as possible. While there are some differences, divorce law is fairly similar across the board regardless of what region you are in. This is because they are all trying to accomplish the same goal. The laws cover a wide range of aspects, and this article will discuss some of those. In western civilization, divorces are happening left and right as almost half of all marriages don’t survive; though, this seems to be a problem almost everywhere.

Getting Divorced Needs Experts To Divide The Matrimonial Pie

This article discusses what happens when people fall out within a marriage. It shows how they go from being in love to being mortal enemies and then fight over what they think they should have from the assets they have built up.

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