Memphis Divorce Filings Are Unusual Indicator of Economic Recovery

Tips For Choosing The Right Divorce Attorney

Okay so you are considering a divorce with your spouse and you want to engage a divorce attorney to fight your case. But there are numerous law firms in your city with thousands of attorneys.

How Can A Divorce Attorney Help Your Case?

One of the most common mistakes that people tend to make while contemplating a divorce is to try to handle the case on their own. They feel that hiring a divorce attorney is simply a waste of time and money.

Aspects of Prenuptial Agreements That Matter

Getting married is a big event in one’s life and both the partners look forward to some wonderful times ahead. Emotions are at peak and you wish that everything goes ahead the way you have always wanted it to be. However, you do not want to be concerned about the mundane things in life at this point in time and therefore there are a whole lot of issues that are unconsciously dragged under the carpet.

Why Should You Pursue A Divorce Attorney

Everyone goes into a relationship with full intentions of making it last. Unfortunately, this is not always the case with projections showing nearly 50% of all marriages will end in divorce. While there are several ways to go about the process, consulting with an attorney is a must to ensure everything goes over as smooth as possible.

Know the Bases – Your Divorce Related Questions

Divorce comes with plenty of family and property related issues. This article describes few of the concerns to address your legal questions.

Family Dispute Resolution

Australia recognizes that separation and divorce can be immensely difficult and fraught with anger, confusion and trouble. As such, they have implemented a compulsory Family Dispute Resolution program for any people wishing to resolve a family dispute. These disputes usually center on parenting and children, but can also include property.

How To Get A Divorce – Tips For Filing For Divorce

If you’re getting a divorce, read this in-depth article on how to get a divorce. This article contains information on getting a divorce and tips for filing for divorce.

How to Get a Divorce Using Free Divorce Forms Online

Going through a divorce is not only an emotional ordeal but a financial one as well. Many people who go through it find themselves struggling financially just to keep paying a divorce lawyer. However, there are instances where you can have the option of getting a divorce without being to financially burdened by it.

Family Law in Australia

Family law is a sensitive legal issue and so the Australian family law system is set up in a manner which provides comprehensive support to help guide families through what are often difficult times of their lives. Common reasons for engaging the help of family law provisions include family break-up or divorce as well as more serious cases such as child abuse.

Surrogacy, The Clever Way

Planning to start a family with a help of a surrogate? This article is a must-read, general overview of the law of surrogacy in Canada and Ontario. The information contained in this article is of general nature and is not legal advice.

Savvy Couple’s Guide to Marriage Contracts

If you are getting married, you will probably want to know more about marriage contracts. This article provides a general overview of the law governing marriage contracts in Ontario. The following is not intended as legal advice.

What Are the Benefits of Mediation?

While mediation is a fairly new system of divorce, it can be a unique opportunity for a couple hoping to settle their divorce in a peaceful way. How does it work, and what should you look for in a mediator? Here is a brief guide.

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