Mother Says Teen Daughter Bosses Her Around

What Assets Are Divided in Divorce

Married couples who choose to divorce will often be left with the task of dividing their assets when it comes time to sign a divorce settlement. This is rarely an easy task, as each spouse will desire a more favorable share of the couple’s assets.

Paternity Law Questions and Answers

Paternity relates to lawful acknowledgement of fatherhood. As reported by the Mansfield Rule, the youngster born to a wife throughout the being married is looked upon as the husband’s child. The husband would have the whole rights and responsibilities for the child. Nevertheless, in a separation, annulment or lawful separation, paternity might be questioned or rebutted.

Can You Cancel Child Support?

In some circumstances, a court can make a decision during a divorce that legally binds parents of a child to a particular agreement. For some, this can mean that child support is owed to one spouse, while the other may be attached to a custody agreement. Generally speaking, these agreements are settled by the court according to the best interests of the child, not of the parents. As a result, parents may ask to file for a cancellation of child support. However, as most courts will stick with the original divorce arrangement, this can be an especially difficult task.

Transsexuality in an Existing Marriage

What happens to a marriage’s legal status if one partner has a sex-reassignment surgery? If the couple has decided to remain married, they can generally avoid legal issues. However, complications can crop up when one partner dies and the other tries to get tax or survivorship benefits or inheritance.

Save Pain in Divorce – 5 Emotion Saving Tips

Divorce is rarely a hug and a goodbye. Children, money, and assets are almost always involved. How can you avoid pain in a divorce?

Divorce Proceedings Can Be a Traumatic Experience

When it comes to divorce proceedings, especially in Boise City where Idahoan divorce legislation is anything but clear and straightforward, these lawsuits can quickly become as heated, emotionally charged and damaging to the spirit as the trials of combat themselves. Whilst lawyers, when studying their law degree, will cover every aspect of the law, many find themselves woefully unprepared for the rigours of divorce law.

Does Child Support Include Paying for Higher Education Degrees?

“Does child support include higher education degrees for children? I have paid part of college tuition for my daughter who has graduated college. I thought I was over with support, but now she is talking about going to law school. Do I have to pay for second degrees, too?” This is an interesting topic that surfaces in some divorce cases.

Navigating the Waters of Divorce Is a Difficult and Tricky Journey for Families

Child custody is often the hardest part of divorce cases. Child support and alimony are designed to help alleviate the burden of being single.

Step Series (1 of 5) – My Stepmother Is Taking My Inheritance!

In this article, we discuss the issue of a step family probate. After Dad’s first wife passed away, he re-married to Isabella. Tempers flared between Isabella and the adult children when Dad passed away. Who is going to inherit Dad’s estate, the step mom or the kids?

Equitable Division of Property in a Divorce

One of the most challenging and often contentious points in a divorce is how to distribute marital property between the two spouses. In certain states, the net value of the marital property is determined and each spouse an amount of property that closely equals half of that net value. However, some states recognize that an equivalent percentage of net property value may not actually be an equitable distribution of property in light of other factors in the dissolution of a marriage.

What Is “Family Violence” and What Can You Do About It?

In 1981, the Georgia legislature enacted the Family Violence Act (FVA) in an attempt to bring an end to acts of family violence, or at the least, to provide courts with the authority to order temporary relief as it deems necessary to protect a potential victim from family violence.

Divorce Lawyer – An Efficient Lawyer Is Very Important in Dealing With a Divorce Case

Divorce procedures are becoming common now days. Initially you would have come across a couple of divorce cases but now the number is steadily moving up. This is because of the varying nature among the people.

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