Navigating Basic Court Procedure in Tennessee

The Effect Of A Litigious Divorce On A College Bound Child

A combative divorce or painful post-divorce legal conflicts will have companion negative effects on young adult children. For instance, consider a child going off to college for the first time. There are many issues that will come up – who is going to purchase the clothes, bedding, dormitory supplies, etc.

Lawyers for Family Law

Family law is a hard thing to deal with. Whether you are going through a divorce, filing for child support, or looking to resolve child custody issues there are lawyers that can help guide you in the right direction and help you discover your options.

How Are Children Covered by Insurance When the Parents Are Divorced?

The duty to provide for the children of a divorcing couple lies across both party’s shoulders. Part of that duty generally includes a duty to provide health insurance to the children. As most people get health insurance from their work, the court may require that the coverage be provided by the group health plan of the employed spouse.

What Do You Know About Pet Mediation? Who Gets The Family Pet When Divorce Is On The Horizon?

Marital disputes and divorce are all too common. I am certain you have considered who gets which car, the house, the bank accounts, visitation and custody of the children… but who gets the animal?

Reasons to Have Your Child Support Decreased

Indiana statutory law allows for a modification of child support generally every 12 months so long as there is a 20% change in the amount of support that will be paid. This article deals with situations where a child support modification would be warranted in Indiana.

How to Determine Child Support Amounts Under the Texas Family Code

The Texas Family Code shows a strong preference for child support to be paid by one parent to another. Child support is sum of money that is to be used for the care of the child. Under the Texas Family Code the paying party does not have any rights to determine how the money is spent or to receive and accounting of how the funds are used. The assumption is that the party receiving child support will use the funds properly.

Expert Witness: The Value and Limitation of Mediation In Child Contact Cases

The author attempts to provide a balanced view on the value of mediation when there is an implacable hostility in one or both parents. ADR or mediation fails when parents cannot agree with the view that, not one, but both parents have a role to play in the life of the child. When the mediation fails to convince the custodial parent should include the now absent parent in the guiding of the child, then mediation breaks down and litigation is the only alternative. A case illustration cited gives an example of injustice winning the day despite the views expressed by the expert witness.

A Business Owner’s Divorce: The Impact

I am under the opinion, after practicing divorce law in Southern California for over 42 years, it is almost impossible to separate your business life from your personal life. I, too, run a multi-million dollar operation. I am responsible for meeting payroll and living up to my commitments to the judiciary, clients, vendors, and governmental authorities. A business owner’s responsibility does not stop at 5:00 pm; rather it is a 24-hour-a-day job. This article seeks to address how a divorce impacts a business owner.

Check Out Divorce Laws For Best Interests

Couples who have decided on a legal separation should be aware of the divorce laws in their state, so that the procedure is completed in an appropriate manner. There are many issues that have to be settled legally during a divorce, like division of joint assets and custody of children.

Getting Divorced: Three Things You Can Do to Help Your Divorce Lawyer Win

Divorce is tough. No question about it. With all of the emotional turmoil surrounding a failed marriage, and the potential loss of your home, assets, or children, it may be difficult to gather up the strength to help your divorce lawyer fight for you. However, no matter how expensive your divorce lawyer, there are three things you can do to help him win your case.

The Cost of Not Having a Good Divorce Lawyer

Divorce lawyers play an important role in smoothly resolving marriage conflicts. Some property, court representations are the issues which can be resolved by MFWW’s experienced lawyers.

Types of Divorces and Related Issues – Alimony, Child Support, Child Custody

A divorce legally dissolves a marriage. Although citizens are not guaranteed a constitutional right to divorce, all states recognize divorce because it serves the public good. In order to ensure that the public good is served, many states require a “cooling off period” which constitutes time after a married couple has legally separated, that they must take before any divorce proceedings are initiated. Courts in the United States recognize two types of divorces: absolute divorce and limited divorce. In order for a spouse to obtain an absolute divorce, courts require that the spouse show that their partner has committed some act of misconduct or wrongdoing. Grounds for an absolute divorce can include things such as infidelity or abandonment. Once an absolute divorce is granted, both parties’ statuses are reverted to single and both parties are able to remarry. Any property that the married couple has accumulated together is usually divided in half. Based on the circumstances surrounding the divorce, judgments will be made regarding child custody, alimony and child support.

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