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Pre-Nuptial Agreements On The Up, Say Divorce Lawyers

Pre-nuptial agreements (or Pre-nups), which are not legally binding in the UK courts, have been the subject of considerable controversy; but recently got the stamp of approval from a Court of Appeal judge who suggested that it may be time to make them legally binding. Recently, a multi-million pound divorce battle was due to rule on the validity of a pre-nuptial agreement but the case settled instead with Susan Crossley dropping her claim on her husband’s 45 million fortune.

Get Them Back to Work From a Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer

Your wife comes to you and tells you that you’ll be having a baby and she wants to stay home with the child until he reaches full-time school age. Do you agree? Do you check daycare costs? Are you old fashioned? Do you realize the consequences if you agree to what she’s asked? Read this article. It is perhaps the most significant article you’ll ever read and may affect your life more than you know!

Services For Family Law Perth Solicitors

Many family law Perth solicitors deal with different types of laws regarding family issues. They deal with child support, alimony payments, wills and dispersing family properties. Many people will need the help of a solicitor at some point in their lives and solicitors that work with family law can work better than solicitors that deal with criminal or corporate laws. For someone that needs a family law solicitor, the Perth area has many solicitors to look through before deciding which one can help you. You need to find one that specializes in what your needs require.

Rhode Island Divorce Appeal Standards – Lawyers Should Follow and Clients Should Know!

If you go into a Rhode Island Family Court with an attorney, what should you watch for? Is it possible you would appeal if the judge didn’t decide your way? If so, this is an article you should read to get the basics about what an attorney should do to protect you. Read on because if you miss the boat too it isn’t just the lawyer’s fault.

Paying for your Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer

Do you know if you can use a credit card to hire a Rhode Island Family Law Attorney either before or during the proceeding? The answer might surprise you. Read this article to discover the ins and outs of using a credit card in that manner.

Divorce Lawyers

Divorce lawyers are a critical part of the divorce process. If you have been served with divorce papers or are considering a divorce yourself it will cost you nothing to discuss your case with a qualified local divorce lawyer.

Rhode Island Attorney – What is Pre-Marital Property in a Rhode Island Divorce Proceeding?

Do you have any idea what property either you or your husband have that is truly “pre-marital”? Is there something you owned before the marriage that you want to keep? Is there something your spouse owned before the marriage that you want a piece of? Read this article and get a general idea of what it means to be a pre-marital asset under Rhode Island law.

Rhode Island Attorney – How Are Mortgages Treated in a Rhode Island Divorce?

Your home may be your greatest asset in a Rhode Island Divorce and it may also be your greatest debt, namely the mortgage. Do you know how the court will view it? Read this article to understand how mortgages may be seen as marital debts in the Rhode Island Family Court.

Rhode Island Divorce Attorney – Thoughts on Inheritances

Are you going through a Rhode island Divorce? Have you inherited anything from a family member or friend? What happens to it in the divorce? Do you get to keep it? Is it a marital asset that you have to split?

Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer – Tips About Your Marital Home

Do you and your wife own a home? Do you know if it makes a difference if both names are on the deed or not? Do you understand how a marital home might be treated in a Rhode Island Divorce? What if you paid for the whole thing and your wife decorated it? This article won’t give you all the answers but it certainly makes you think about what could happen. Every situation is different. Read about two situations in this article.

Rhode Island Divorce Attorney – Dealing with Credit Card Debts

Are you going through a divorce in the State of Rhode Island? Do you have credit card debts? Do you understand how the charges on your credit card could be treated by the Rhode Island Family Court? If you don’t you might get stuck with the whole bill. Read this article and be informed so you can protect yourself.

Rhode Island Divorce – Questions to Ask About Joint Bank Accounts

How are joint bank accounts handled by the Rhode Island Family Courts? Bank accounts may or may not be a marital asset. Are you prepared to ask the right questions so things are done correctly? Read this short article to get an idea about the questions you should think about.

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