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Do I Pay Child Support If I’m Not The Biological Father?

I married a woman who had a minor child, but pretended she did not know who the father was. Now we are getting a divorce and my wife is under the impression that I will have to pay child support for my stepdaughter. Will I have to pay child support for my stepchild even though I am not the biological father?

Efficiency of Mediation Centers

Divorce laws are very strict in the country and the procedures are quite lengthy. It is widely seen that many mediators are able to handle many divorces cases easily by giving correct solution than when compared to the court of law when considering the case of uncontested divorce in Miami. This can be one of the reasons for legalizing the mediation centers in carrying with the divorce cases.

Advantages of Annulment

The word “divorce” has many negative connotations. Often times we associate this word with bickering and bitterness. Some people can be ashamed by their “divorce,” especially if that are religious and may be harshly judged by their religious organization. There is one type of legal split that has the benefit of keeping the word divorce off a person’s record. An “annulment” can be granted to those whose marriage was not legal in the first place.

What Are the Grounds For Divorce in the State of Illinois?

In the state of Illinois, there are 11 grounds for divorce. Grounds 2-11 require proof that the non-moving party (your spouse), without cause or provocation from you, was at fault because of one of these reasons.

Adultery and Divorce

An affair will cause extreme tension and hostility in a marriage. The emotional toll it can have on a couple is extreme. This is why infidelity and affairs are the second largest reason for divorce in America. It follows closely behind the stress and arguments that go with handling joint finances. When adultery has occurred, and is one cause for a marriage falling apart, the divorce proceedings may be run slightly differently.

International Divorce in Turkey: Pending Cases in Different Countries

It is not uncommon to imagine an international divorce case where one of the spouses is a Turkish Citizen, the other, an Italian Citizen, both residing in Germany; one party initiates divorce proceedings in Germany, while the other later files another divorce case in Turkey, believing that this action would be advantageous. Lis pendens refers to pending lawsuits that deal with the same subject matter and which are filed between the same parties before the courts of different countries at approximately the same time. This circumstance could lead to conflicting judgments rendered by different countries.

Enforcing Payment of Child Support

For many families, child support is essential for their month to month survival. Enforcing child support is one of the most vital functions of the courts and an extremely important use of their power. Because of the crucial nature of child support payments for many families, some states are able to extend their jurisdiction to nonresidents in order to collect child support payment. For single parents or any other family that receives child support, the need is real and the courts should be able to uphold an action that they have decreed.

Temporary Injunctions

A divorce, especially contested divorces, can be extremely stressful for every party involved. Both spouses are most likely experiencing the emotional toil of separating their lives from someone the once loved. This process can put stress on a person that they may have never experienced before and cause them to act out in surprising ways. Because of the potential for unlikely behavior in these circumstances, many state court systems have the right to order temporary injunctions to prevent or protect certain actions of both parties.

A Prenuptial Agreement Is a Key Factor in the Survival of a Family Business After Divorce

Research on divorce in the United States shows that approximately 50% of all marriages end in divorce. The statistics pertaining to second marriages are not any better. Research further indicates that about 30% of family businesses survive from the first generation to the second; roughly 12% are successfully passed on to the third generation and less than 4% continue to the fourth generation. With an absent family divorce business strategy and without the prior planning for this eventuality, the consequences of divorce on a family business can be detrimental. Divorce is probably the most difficult problem a family business can face. In addition to the family business, divorce also impacts non-family members working for the family’s business (i.e. employees).

Bizarre Reasons That Prompt A Divorce

No doubt, it is quite hard to sustain a marital relationship till the end. However, many people just give up in the middle and ask for divorce. This article points out some weird reasons for which people get separated.

Sequel to A Mother’s Pain – The Trained Bully

I received several written and oral responses to the previous article, “A Mother’s Pain,” which was published in the NH Bar News on March 13, 2009. The article was about a syndrome that I have seen as a lawyer over many years of practice. The syndrome: A Mother’s Pain is where the mother of her male children is worked out of her boys’ lives through pervasive influences where our Court System is ill equipped to address the issues.

Collaborative Divorce Proceedings

Marriage counseling aims to help couples repair their marriage. Through listening and talking about their feelings, they may be able to resolve their issues. In many ways, collaborative divorce is very similar. Only this time the couple is discussing the key issues involved in ending a marriage. Because of these intimate discussions, many people who choose this method of divorce will find themselves on more amiable terms with their partners after the papers are signed.

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