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Can One Lawyer Represent Both My Wife and I in a Divorce?

If you are considering a divorce, you have no doubt wondered what is the cheapest way to get this accomplished? Could I do it without having to hire a lawyer? Do I need to get a separate lawyer from my spouse or can one person handle the whole divorce? Dual representation is no doubt cheaper in the short run, but before you go down that path you may want to consider the implications of one lawyer playing both sides of a divorce.

Several Reasons For A Divorce And The High Demand Of Divorce Lawyers In Rural Areas

Many people used to go to church and looked after their families. Today’s statistics show that there are less people who do this and therefore the need for divorce lawyers has become widespread. Census data from 2010 reveals that break ups in rural areas are fast increasing and there is more need for these lawyers.

Divorce – 5 Ways To Save Money

Your Virginia divorce doesn’t have to be a financial burden. Learn some useful tips to help you make better decisions, take control of your budget, and save money after divorce.

Reason Why Divorce Records Are Public and How to Search Them

Divorce records are unique in the legal records system because they often contain sensitive and personal information. Such information includes information about the income, property, debts, and even information about dysfunctional behavior or medical and psychological issues. With such sensitive information, why are these records public? And moreover, if you’ve been through a divorce, can people search these records, and how do you do it?

Till Death Does Your Stuff Part

While the traditional marriage rite contains the words or variations of “till death do you part,” unfortunately sometimes marriages part in divorce instead. Sometimes, however, divorce and death nearly overlap; when that happens, how does your property part?

Get Familiar With The Process Of Hiring A Divorce Attorney

It is a common fact that people are likely to have their first divorce at the age of 33. At this stage there have been either one or more children in the marriage. It is very critical for you to have the right lawyer so you can get the settlement that you deserve.

Served With Divorce Papers – Now What?

  The Issue Last week I answered the telephone and a gentleman from Troy, Michigan asked me, I have been served with divorce papers, now what?   The Answer First, you must look at the papers that your spouse has filed. There should be a complaint for divorce and a summons at the least.

Unaccountability Breeds a Profitable Corruption Scheme in Family Courts

An unaccountable and self-managed legal community will necessarily evolve for its own benefit, behaviors, rules, and judgments that abridge our constitutional principles. Lord Acton’s phrase, “power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely” is ever in operation, and no place more effectively than through the legal scam that is destroying fathers, families, and freedom in our Family Courts. Here’s why…

Find A Divorce Lawyer That Fits Like A Glove

Very little is easy when going through a divorce. Separating from the person that you were supposed to spend the rest of your life with can be painful and emotionally draining. If that isn’t enough to shoulder, there is the task of finding a divorce lawyer who you can trust and has your best interest at heart. This is no easy proposition.

The Legal Divorce Process

It only takes one to break up a marriage. Merely petitioning the Court for a decree of dissolution based on an alleged irretrievable breakdown in the marriage is sufficient to satisfy the legal grounds for divorce. However, the legal process from beginning to end, is anything but simple. It can also be emotionally draining, depending upon the issues and disputes that must be dealt with.

Options With Mediation Sessions During A Divorce

Many clients going through a divorce will need a divorce lawyer and mediators. Divorce lawyers and mediators make a divorce much easier and efficient when separating.

What Are the Laws Governing Dissolution of Marriage in Florida?

The laws governing marriage in matters of divorce vary from state to state. Here in Florida, in which dissolution of marriage is at an all-time, the circumstances and statutes are very unique. This article gives the broad strokes of what the process entails.

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