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Making a 50/50 Child Custody Schedule

Preparing a fair child custody schedule is important for you, your child and your child’s other parent. Create a 50/50 child custody schedule that works for everyone.

Divorce Collaboration Is the Key During the Divorce Process

Collaboration is king in divorce court. If you understand that very important theme, you will more easily understand the process as a whole, and you will likely save yourself time and money.

Alimony and Spousal Maintenance Explained

Family law in most states refers to alimony as spousal maintenance, but it is the same thing. It can be difficult to fairly distribute a couple’s income, especially where one of the parties to a divorce has foregone educational opportunity or work experience in support of higher earnings for the other. This is where maintenance comes in.

What Is The Difference Between Divorce, Legal Separation and Annulment?

Some states allows legal separation or annulment in place of dissolution of marriage (divorce). These are two court processes that lead to a de facto end of a marriage. However, they are very different from each other.

Child Support Enforcement and Modification Explained

When a court divides parenting responsibilities, it will often attempt to determine how much of the parents’ income would have been apportioned to the support of each child if the household remained intact. The court’s goal when ordering child support is, to the extent possible within the limitations of the parents’ income, to preserve an adequate standard of living for the child. The income of a parent is often a hotly debated number.

How to Get a Fast Divorce by Mutual Consent No Matter Where You Live

When a relationship has come to an end and there is nothing left to try to heal it or take it back as it was before, the only remaining solution is getting a divorce. But a divorce is never easy. The divorce process is generally hard, time and money consuming and in the majority of the case very painful. That it is why, today more and more couples decide to go for a mutual consent divorce. They want a fast, easy and as painless as possible solution to get their divorce, especially when they live separated and/or far away from each other.

Forms and Provisions of Restraining Orders

Restraining orders are injunctions that are frequently given to domestic violence perpetrators. They are designed to keep victims of this violence from being put at further risk of injury. Many forms of contact are restricted in these legal injunctions.

Dealing With Domestic Sexual Assault

In many cases, individuals suffer sexual abuse in their own homes from individuals whom they love and trust. This form of sexual abuse is called domestic sexual abuse and, unfortunately, it often goes unreported for several reasons. In some cases, individuals do not want to punish the individuals abusing them because these individuals are close to them.

Serving Divorce Papers

The decision to divorce has most likely been a difficult one. Choosing to pursue a divorce and begin a new life can be stressful. Sometimes the only thing that gets a couple through the split is that light at the end of the tunnel. The very first step on this path is to begin legal divorce proceedings. This includes serving papers to notify a spouse of the divorce.

What Is A Summary Judgment?

Summary judgment, also referred to as simplified divorce, is a method of filing for divorce in which neither party claims the fault of the other. In fact, this type of divorce requires the joint filing of both spouses. In states where this type of divorce is allowed, a couple does not have to undergo the painful and drawn out process of divorce in a court room setting if they can simply agree that divorce is best for both parties.

Divorce Arbitration

More and more spouses are discovering that divorce does not have to be a divisive and ugly process. Arbitration can help to relieve the pressure of a divorce proceeding by having a neutral third party consider and determine the most fair solution to an issue. Often divorce proceedings are brought to a near standstill because of just one or two challenging issues. If two spouses cannot agree on a few specific points, a third party arbitrator may be the best solution.

Permanent Alimony

Going through a divorce can be not only an emotional challenge, but also a complicated maze of legal action. In attempting to separate two lives, it is often a strain to clearly divide the assets of a marriage, and outlining the definitions of spousal support during a divorce can be especially difficult. The individual situation of each couple must be carefully examined to understand the assignment of personal alimony during the proceedings.

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