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California Divorce Mediation – When It Is Required

California divorce mediation can be an important part of divorce. I am quite sure that many people do not fully understand what divorce mediation is. In fact, I have even come across people who do not have the slightest idea what it really is. Let me explain to you what this is all about, and after you read this article, you’ll hopefully acquire adequate knowledge about this topic.

Getting a Divorce Abroad

Many marriages dissolve with distance. If a marriage falls apart while one party is in a foreign country, the divorce process may become significantly more complicated. In order for a divorce to be recognized in the United States, the divorcing couple must meet several requirements. The most important is that both parties are informed of the legal dissolution of the marriage. Notice must be given to both parties before a divorce can be complete. In a great majority of divorces that occur abroad, one member is a resident of another country. This prevents a person from leaving the country simply to obtain a divorce.

Divorce Lawyers Become the Middle Person

While no one ever anticipates a divorce when they first get married, about half of all marriages end in divorce. Divorce lawyers take the role of the middle person in complicated situations during a divorce.

Areas of Family Law

Family law is the area of the law that deals with divorces an all things that must be determined because of a divorce, annulments, and adoptions and all related issues. This area of representation is also the area you would contact for the creation of a will, a power of attorney, a trust, or other concerns for your estate.

The Top Five Most Expensive Divorces

Divorce is never easy. There’s child custody to decide and years of accumulated possessions to divide. But when the people who are divorcing are among the richest in the world, there’s more at stake than simply who gets the Honda and the steak knives from Aunt Kitty. There are yachts, multiple estates and bank accounts worth millions (or billions) of dollars up for grabs. In this ultra-wealthy world, it’s typically the man who has the dough and must pay up to the soon-to-be-ex-wife. At least, that’s how it went with the top five most expensive divorces of all time.

Simple Divorce – How to Keep Yours That Way

Most people start off with a simple divorce case, or one that could probably become simple if handled right. However, such cases don’t usually stay simple after an attorney is retained. Divorces tend to be fairly sensitive, so it doesn’t take much to stir them up, but lawyers and the legal system tend to make things more complicated, more stirred up, worse instead of better. This is because of the way the system works and the way lawyers work in it.

Spousal Rape Charges Between Jurisdictions

In the past, there were very few laws regarding the sexual rights of partners in a marriage, beyond common law justifications for what is now known as spousal rape. The concept of implied consent and conjugal rights that protected sexually aggressive spouses from charges of domestic sexual assault or rape simply does not exist anymore in the United States, making this a serious and highly-punishable offense in most jurisdictions. As a result, several states have established their own laws regarding this offense and how it may be punished.

The Uniformed Services Former Spouse’s Protection Act

A military divorce may be treated slightly differently than a civilian divorce. A divorce is considered “military” if one or both members of the couple are currently or have had active duty in the military. The Uniformed Services Former Spouse’s Protection Act is a law that gives certain rights to a former spouse of a uniformed officer.

What to Do for Checking Divorce Records Online

If you want to check divorce records online, it’s all easy! All you need to do is enter the details in the predefined search fields on the search site. Today, there are many online public record providing services that let you to access heaps of public records online.

Both Sides Win in Divorce Mediation

A divorce is rarely a pleasant thing. However, there are many more situations that can make a divorce even more problematic.

Divorce Recovery for Families

We cannot ignore the realities of divorce in our society. In the United States the statistics are clear, but cold. Fifty percent of all marriages will end in divorce, with sixty percent of second marriages ending in divorce. Divorce affects many people beyond those divorcing spouses.

Can I Keep My Personal Property In a Divorce?

Personal property can be seen in the eyes of the law as having sentimental value, which is the intrinsic worth of an item, which the divorce court cannot easily value because the value depends on you, not the market. Usually, an item with sentimental value is not part of the marital property to divide. But you need to be prepared to explain why the property should be awarded to you.

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