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Divorce Lawyer: What Are the Typical Duties of This Kind of Attorney?

If you are not sure if you need a divorce lawyer to represent you, it is helpful to find out what one typically does. You may find that you do not need anyone to help you if the divorce is simple and uncontested, but most are not.

Child Custody – Mediation

In the course of a divorce, each of the couple might ask himself or herself this question: should I immediately go to court or just try child custody mediation first? Experts, at least those who advocate mediation, and those who have gone through the process, agree that there are very good reasons to try and mediate child support issues first. When no agreement is reached, then the issue can be escalated to court.

Men’s Divorce and Child Custody – How to Win Your Child Custody Battle

I know that your children are the most important thing to you. I know that given the choice, you would sacrifice all your possessions, your home and all your money just to keep them in your life, but that doesn’t mean say that you need to sacrifice everything to achieve that.

Divorce Funding – Finding Money for Your Divorce

“Divorce funding” is the term used to refer to funding of the litigation fees required in a divorce proceeding. Divorces can be very time consuming and expensive, and these can incur huge legal fees. Several alternatives are available for divorcees, including the option of divorce funding to help cover the costs of the divorce and to ensure that one gets a fair share after the divorce.

Child Custody: 25 Stupid Mistakes to Avoid!

Winning your Rhode Island Child Custody case by not making dumb mistakes In my 13 years as a Rhode Island Child Custody Lawyer, I have seen many fathers and mothers make inane and stupid decisions during the course of Rhode Island Child Custody Proceedings. Sometimes winning your RI Child Custody is about the mistakes that you avoid rather than what you do right. The stupid and boorish behavior set forth below may impede or ruin your chances of getting Custody in Rhode Island Family Court.

Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

With the average age of a person’s first divorce centering around 33 years old, filing for divorce from a spouse is not as easy as many couples already have had at least one child by this age. Therefore, if you are thinking of filing for a divorce, it becomes crucial to find a reputable divorce lawyer who not only has the credentials but a proven track record of success in divorce settlements.

Divorce Attorneys and Marriage Endings

The ending of a marriage can be painful but the right divorce attorney can help ease the situation. Here are some things to think about.

Family Law: Preparing For Your Custody Hearing

Planning the right strategy based on current family law will help you win your child custody hearing. It will also present the court with a stable and supportive environment for your child.

Can I Get Access To Hidden Divorce Records?

Divorce records like all other records of every individual are considered to be public. However, there are certain special considerations due to which such divorce records are be deemed protected and in many cases such records are protected from the eyes of the public. One of the main reasons why such records are hidden is because of the sensitive nature of the proceeding itself or in most cases the witness in the proceeding may have been granted protective custody or any other federal “deal” might have come into play.

Stop Being So Stupid – Don’t Waste Your Money Fighting in Court Over Your Divorce

I get it, you don’t like your ex, and if you did you would still probably be married. It really doesn’t matter what the cause for the divorce if there are children involved; your ex may have cheated on you, spent all of your money or whatever the reason it just doesn’t matter any more. Your main goal should be the well being of your children and next figuring out how to move forward.

10 Tips for Divorce Recovery

With a whopping 50% of first marriages in England and Wales resulting in divorce and an even bigger 60% of second marriages, there are thousands of people facing ‘singledom’ again after years of being part of a couple. Ten of the best ways to face divorce recovery are…

Some Facts About Divorce Cases

There are different laws in different states of USA and one will definitely find that majority of the states have very easy set of laws. There are some great Texas Divorce Laws as well and couples will definitely find them to be quite friendly. Suppose the petitioner files the case in the court then generally, out here in Texas, the court takes around 60 days for the trial and then issues the decree of the divorce to the respondent or the non-applicant.

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