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Collaborative Divorce Proceedings

Marriage counseling aims to help couples repair their marriage. Through listening and talking about their feelings, they may be able to resolve their issues. In many ways, collaborative divorce is very similar. Only this time the couple is discussing the key issues involved in ending a marriage. Because of these intimate discussions, many people who choose this method of divorce will find themselves on more amiable terms with their partners after the papers are signed.

What Is a Flat Fee Divorce

A simple explanation of a flat fee divorce and the way it works if you decide a flat fee divorce is the way to go for you. If you and your spouse believe you can work things out on your own, then our flat fee divorce works like this…

Is a Divorce Quick If It Is Uncontested?

The type of divorce that one seeks may ultimately determine how long the process takes. This can be an ugly and frustrating time in a person’s life, so getting the process over as quickly as possible is often of the utmost importance to individuals in the state. If it is uncontested, in which the couple is able to agree on all terms of the settlement without either party contesting them, is often the fastest path to take for couples looking to blow through the process as quickly as possible.

Colorado Divorce Forms – Understanding Some of the Main Issues

This form is a way to get divorce from your spouse in an easy and affordable way. It does not demand hiring of any attorneys. You can browse the internet and get all the sufficient information online.

What Does a No Contest Divorce Mean?

In simple words, it is when the two people bound in matrimonial relationship agree on all the issues regarding divorce. Also referred to as the Uncontested, No-Fault or DIY divorce, this is a contract that is used by many couples in North America, Europe and Australia to file legal separation when they want to end their marriage.

How to Do Your Divorce Without Going to Court

If you are thinking about doing a divorce or you are going through a divorce and you can both agree on issues of custody, support, visitation, spousal support, property and or debts, the court will allow you to do an agreement so that you do not have to go to any court hearings. This is called a marital settlement agreement (MSA) or a stipulation for judgment.

Benefits of a Marital Separation Agreement

Did you know that if you are considering a divorce in Colorado, it makes sense to draft a marital separation agreement as soon as you start living apart? These agreements are not official, but can help you protect yourself financially while living separately. There are several benefits of doing this. For example if you are separated and want to begin collecting child support, it cannot be done without a court order. Also, custody and visitation cannot be established without a legal court order, otherwise both parents have equal rights to the children.

The Demographics of Divorce

A 2002 study made by the government office Center for Disease Control & Prevention put forward that couples that reside together before being married are very prone to divorce. But if there already was an engagement before the cohabitation, the likelihood of marriage is brighter.

Simple Divorce Procedures Via Uncontested Divorce

The word divorce poses negative remarks in history of mankind. It is always considered as unhappy event in every body’s life as it is naturally bringing an end to the married relationship.

A Second Marriage Divorce

Although divorce often has negative connotations, it can have many positive effects. Around half of first marriages end in divorce for a reason. Years of frustration and anger can kill a spirit and effect relationships with a couple’s children, family, and friends. Therefore terminating a marriage may bring a light at the end of the tunnel. The time and expenses involved in going through the divorce process and agreeing upon a divorce settlement can be well worth the effort. Even in the event that a second marriage is not working, the decision to divorce can have these same positive results.

Step by Step Instruction on How to Find Divorce Records

Nowadays divorce records are no longer confidential, which makes it legal to search for any persons records. Obtaining these records is an easy process as all you need is time, a computer and internet access as well as your debit or credit card. There are many different sites that offer their services and one really has to shop around in order to find a reputable agency.

If I Have Full Child Custody Will I Pay Support to Unemployed Spouse?

Before we are able to answer the question presented in the title, it is important to first understand the purpose of child support. It is intended to assist the custodial parent, which is the parent with whom the child lives with primarily, with expenses and bills related to raising the child. If the custodial parent has full custody of the child, the custodial parent will not be required to pay support to an unemployed ex-spouse.

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