Teenager Says She’s Been Making Police Statements Since She Was 7

Obtaining a Restraining Order

Whether a victim of abuse is seeking protection from harassment or physical harm, a restraining order may be obtained as a method to prevent future incidents. Even after just one instance of abuse, it is possible for an individual to enforce this order.

Divorce Solicitors – Self-Help is No Good Anymore

Going through a divorce can be an emotional and stressful experience. But you are often faced with the realities of divorce also.

Divorce 101 – Part 2

In the second installment of my series on the most frequently asked questions among people considering divorce, I’m addressing attorney selection strategy and attorney’s fees. Q: We’ve all heard of those really bitter divorce battles between husbands and wives, like the one portrayed in the movie The War of the Roses. Should clients look for an attorney who takes no prisoners?

Preparing a Prenuptial Agreement

Complicated divorce proceedings can take years to settle and may cause significant emotional and financial hardships for both parties involved. A reasonable and well-crafted prenuptial agreement can often serve to simplify this process and to eliminate needless squabbling over the division of assets and property. While the situation and circumstances may change during the course of the marriage and it may be appropriate to renegotiate elements of the agreement to ensure that these changes are properly recognized and addressed.

Simplified Divorce

Compared to the rest of the world, divorce in America is a fairly common end to a marriage. With American legal culture needing a more effective means to handle a large influx of divorce proceedings, simplified divorce was created. Simplified divorce, as its name implies, is a type of divorce that does away with some of the most time-consuming and stressful aspects of the legal side of divorce. While this kind of divorce is less of a burden to those going through the process, it can prove more difficult to gain eligibility as a result.

Stay Or Go – Divorce and Your Home

The family home is one of the largest assets’ if not the largest asset’ that will be considered in a divorce. In cases where children are involved’ the home is almost always awarded to the custodial parent.

Is Staying Married For the Children Worse Than Divorce?

Concerns such as money, living arrangements and dividing possessions all play a role in the decision to divorce, but the one that haunts parents most is the children. We’ve all heard the awful stories or even witnessed the effects of divorce on children first hand, but should parents stay in an unhappy or unhealthy marriage? As an adult child of parents who should have divorced and as a divorced parent I will say that the answer is emphatically no…

Does What Happens in Sin City Affect You Forever?

Whenever someone thinks of eloping or having a small quick wedding, most people think of Vegas. Sometimes these weddings happen because there was too much alcohol consumed and bad choices were made. This article explains how a stupid mistake can be an extreme problem to deal with in the future.

What is Divorce Mediation?

Separation of couples leads to divorce. Divorce is complete when an agreement is made to terminate the duties and responsibilities that got shaped from marriage. As per the traditional approach, couples seek the help of a court in order to get divorce.

How Ownership of the Family Home Is Determined in a Divorce

A family home can be the most valued asset for a married couple. So much has been worked for and invested in the purchase of the conjugal home that it becomes the most common subject of contention in case a marriage ends up with a divorce.  So what happens to the family home in case a couple file for divorce proceedings?

Permanent and Periodic Alimony

Alimony payments are a common source of dispute amongst divorcing couples. Along with child support payments and the division of property, determining alimony payments can cause a divorce settlement to grow bitter and be extended over a long period of time.

Protesting the Illinois-McHenry County “Deadbeat Parents” Website

McHenry County Sheriff Nygren’s decision to publicly humiliate deadbeat parents, who according to the courts owe between $5,346 and $41,192 in child support payments, is alarming. It seems odd that only fathers are posted when non-custodial mothers are 20% more likely to default on their child support obligations according to US Census Data.

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