Tennessee Dad Victim of Paternity Fraud Still Owes Back Child Support

Divorce in Ireland

When you apply for a divorce in Ireland, you must fulfill three major conditions for it to be granted to you. You have to have lived apart for four years the day the court proceedings begin, there is no chance of reconciling the both of you, and there are proper provisions made for the wife or husband and the dependents. Just as long as you have reached four years of being separated, divorce proceedings can begin. To prove that you were apart for four years, you need to fill-up a document called the “Family Law Civil Bill” where you have to state the date of your marriage and the date you separated. You will be asked under Oath to validate this claim when in court.

Judicial Separation in Ireland

Judicial separation in Ireland is a decree wherein a married couple is no longer compelled to live together but does not entitle them to remarry or go in into a civil partnership. Any of the spouses can apply for this at the Circuit or High Court and for this to be granted, the court must be satisfied that the couple has basis for the application, they are informed about counseling and mediation, and appropriate provision has been executed for the benefit of the dependents, such as the children.

Why Choose Collaborative Divorce?

While similar to mediation, there is a distinct difference that is made available to collaborative divorce. In mediation, both parties sit down with a single, neutral mediator to help them as they work out their issues. In a collaborative divorce, however, both parties are represented by their own family law attorney to ensure that their rights are being protected.

No Fault Divorce – What Can Cause You To Want It?

There are many things that can lead to couples getting a divorce. There is one thing that is the cause of the beginning of the troubles that can lead to a nor fault divorce.

How Divorce Mediation Can Help You

When you and your spouse are willing to divorce, there is one option to follow, it is called mediation divorce, but it is only possible if both parties are open to dialog and compromise to confer with a mediator. The divorce mediator as a negotiator will seek the benefit for both parties and also for children, who will get the benefit of a less conflictive divorce and the relationship with both parents will not be affected.

Changes to Current Alimony Law

Recently, media attention has focused on the fact that significant changes may be on the horizon relating to alimony (or spousal support) within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We have all heard horror stories of individuals who are burdened with seemingly unfair and never ending alimony obligations resulting from divorce. Whether you are a recipient of alimony or an obligor, there is no question that alimony laws are due for change.

How to Get Ready for Mediation and Make the Best of It

Mediation is considered the cheapest and fastest way for resolving family, business, workplace or church disputes. And yet, not many people know what mediation means, how it works, and how to make the best of it.

The South African Domicile Act

The Domicile Act No.3 of 1992 came into effect on the 1st of August 1992. It contains a few provisions that solved a lot of disputes that arose in the past.

A New Set Of Divorce Statistics And Divorce Facts For The US

Whether it is a big age gap or a daughter instead of a son born to the couple, many factors influence the U.S. divorce rate. And though no one is “safe” from divorce, there are definitely some key aspects that two people can closely look at before making the decision to marry and giving themselves a better chance of staying together for the long haul.

Child Custody Laws in California – Full California Child Custody Guide

in child custody laws in California like all other states, the child is the primary factor when the courts make a decision. However, decisions are not based off the parent’s needs; decisions are based off the safety and security of the kid. Decisions are also based off of a consistent contact with the parents as long as the child will be free of harm

Sex, Money and Divorce

Sex, now that is a tough one, and it is real tough to talk about, but if you are serious about saving your marriage you are going to have to talk about it, hopefully in a quiet location with a bottle of wine. You might start with a couple of sexy magazines and with a spirit of exploration try to figure out where each side needs to go to get their expectations met or at least moved towards a workable sex life for both parties.

Family Law and Divorce – What Can You Expect During the Process of Divorce?

Divorce is an issue for a family law attorney and it is not a fun process to go through. In many cases it has a negative effect on all parties that are involved. There can be some very vindictive types of warfare that happen and there can be many things that go down that just are not very nice or adult like.

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