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The Best Places to Look for a Family Lawyer

Finding a good family lawyer is a big decision when you’re facing legal matters like divorce or when you’re fighting over child custody. Unless you directly know someone who can help you with your case, you shouldn’t be hasty in hiring just any lawyer out there. This article will talk about the top three places you should go to if you want to find a highly-qualified family lawyer.

Lawyers Vs Non-Lawyers in Divorce

Should divorce consumers risk wasting a lot of money by hiring an unnecessary divorce lawyer in an uncontested case or risk hiring a less regulated non-lawyer? The author, with 32 years of very high volume California retail divorce under his belt, says that if you and your spouse can make your own decisions about your family and property, then subject to a few tips and warnings, while divorce is full of tough choices, this isn’t one of them.

Why You Need a Prenuptial To Avoid The Double Dip

  I am a family law attorney, also known as a divorce lawyer, in the Rochester Hills area of Oakland County Michigan. In order to remain current regarding the law in my area of practice, I read every case decided by the Michigan Court of Appeals and the Michigan Supreme Court with regards to my area of practice.   The Court of Appeals issued a published opinion, which means that the divorce trial courts must follow this ruling, on September 4, 2012 that has serious implications for small business owners in the divorce context…

Why Attorneys Get a Bad Rap

As long as I can remember attorneys have gotten a bad rap in life. From negative jokes to condescending conversation, the field has never been spoken of very favorably. On that note, I must admit I was crazy about my divorce attorney. He seemed to be caring, concerned and intelligent enough to advise me in a very beneficial way. When going through a divorce, an attorney usually collects a large retainer up front, and then continues to bill you as the situation proceeds.

Do Not Forget the Children in Divorce

A family lawyer is there to speed the process along and allow healing to begin. A child is often put in the middle of nasty custody battle, as well as child support fights, and without lawyers, the emotions can get in the way.

Selecting the Ideal Family Lawyer

Getting a divorce from your spouse, or figuring out child support, is not an easy task and comes with many hurtful emotions. This can make it difficult to make correct choices, so having a family lawyer is the best way to make sure your desires are heard and your rights fulfilled.

What Are the Benefits to Medical Power of Attorney?

The benefits of a medical power of attorney form is that you are able to assign anyone you would like to take care of you, in the chance you become incapacitated. All you need is you, a friend, and a notary to authorize your form.

Understanding The New Massachusetts Alimony Reform Act

An explanation of the new Massachusetts Alimony Reform Act. This articles outlines the changes of the New Massachusetts Alimony Reform act and how it may affect you.

How Do We Tell the Kids?

The decision to divorce is an extremely difficult one that has enduring ramifications for your entire family. Preparing yourself for telling the children is critical to helping them understand the divorce and being honest with them.

Effective Tips When Searching For Divorce Lawyers

Marriage is an important institution that is often characterized by love and mutual understanding. However, there comes a time when couples can no longer agree on anything. In such instances, divorce is the only available option.

How to Find the Right Divorce Lawyer for Your Case

Getting a divorce can be one of the hardest things that you face in your life. Finding the right lawyer to get you through it shouldn’t be.

What Cases Does a Family Lawyer Handle?

Families face unique challenges, which is why an entire branch of law is devoted to helping families resolve problems. A family lawyer studies to support and represent families in these specific legal circumstances: Divorce When couples just can’t seem to work together like they used to, divorce is most often the option they choose. Depending on the circumstances, the divorce process poses a significant amount of negotiation – division of possessions, property ownership, care of children, visitation schedules, and even care of pets.

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