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Divorce Laws

Unfortunately with so many marriages ending in divorce, divorce laws are something that many people throughout the world are needing to learn about. Divorce is never a simple subject and must be taken seriously. There are emotions involved, physical custody and often times children. It is a distressful time with great emotion and frustration and it is a lengthy and tedious process. The paperwork seems endless and the nightmare ever going. It is the ending of a chapter, a new book that was suppose to be eternal life. Divorce is never easy. And, even the easiest of divorces, are difficult.

Filing a Temporary Protective Order

If the threats or behavior of your spouse, ex-spouse or other current or previous domestic partner makes you fear for your safety or the safety of your children, you are eligible to file a temporary protective order, or TPO, in the state of Nevada. If a judge finds, based on your testimony or any other evidence provided in court, that you or your family are at risk of harm…

Children Matters – How to Handle Children in Separation

Separation and divorce are not just about you and your partner, if you have children that are dependent on you. Having children to take care of and being responsible for their future widens the scope of the effect that your separation or divorce could have on the lives of your near and dear ones. Children matters need to be taken seriously, given that the young ones would not have the maturity to understand the implications of your actions, though they may have to face the full brunt of the consequences associated with your separation.

Life After Divorce – Legal Pitfalls and Traps

After a divorce is completed you feel a range of emotions, both positive and negative. It is normal to feel some combination of grief, sadness, loss, and disappointment. It is just as common to feel relief and a sense of freedom. You have just completed an extremely complex emotional, legal and financial struggle. The divorce is over. Now what do you do?

What To Do If A Restraining Order Is Issued Against You In A Divorce

Restraining orders are orders issued by a judge that prohibit people or entities from taking certain actions. In divorces they are commonly used to reduce contact between the parties in an effort to reduce the chances of violence or to prevent the destruction of assets. In some counties the restraining order is automatic and goes into place as soon as either side files for divorce. In other counties the restraining order is requested and granted by the court.

The Most Common Divorce Problems In Modern Society

Do you think your marriage is beginning to fall apart? Are you worried the only solution may be to get a divorce? Read more…

The Most Common Reasons Why You Need A Divorce Lawyer

No matter how congenial spouses are during a divorce, the process is usually not simple. Even a small issue can become complex due to a variety of circumstances.

Select Mediation, Not Litigation For Your Divorce

Just because you face a divorce does not mean you are required to be miserable. Not only can you be happy, but actually there is no excuse not to be.

Financial Abuse By A Spouse

Abuse isn’t just about bruises. Not all forms of abuse leave bruises where we can see them. Although physical abuse is terrifying and needs to be addressed immediately there are other forms of abuse that can cause significant damage. One type of abuse that is very difficult for outsiders to detect is financial abuse. Marriage should be a partnership but when one spouse completely dominates the finances to the point that the other spouse has no control and no options financial abuse may be occurring.

How To Screw Your Spouse In a Divorce

Some people are nice, others aren’t so much. I personally handle roughly 100 divorces per year. Most of the people that come to see me are genuinely saddened by the fact that their marriage is ending. Most are confused and hurt. Some are just plain angry. The angry ones often caught their spouse cheating. Or figured out that there spouse has been planning on leaving for awhile and has been using them. These people want to get even. Here’s how some of them do it.

What’s the Secret to a Long and Successful Marriage? A DVD Apparently

Advice is invaluable -of this I have no doubt. When I need financial guidance, I call my father. If I’m unsure of what to wear on a night out, I ask my girlfriend.

Why It Pays To Understand The Divorce Filing Process

Taking some time to learning the divorce filing process will help prepare you for what’s ahead even if you already have been the process before. Those who are completely new to this will especially benefit from gaining an understanding, as it can help them feel more at ease. Knowing what to expect makes all the difference in the world when it comes to the divorce process; from the very beginning where you initiate the proceedings, to the very end when it becomes official.

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