What Happens if Divorce Mediation is Successful?

5 Surprising Statistics About Gray Divorce

“Gray divorce” is a phrase which represents older couples who embark upon divorce, and it’s become a term used more widely as it has become a more widely used option by such couples. More specifically, gray divorce refers to individuals over the age of 50, who are in their first marriage, or a very long-term marriage. Here are some facts, stats and numbers on gray divorce which may be surprising to learn.

How Is Healthcare for Children Handled After Divorce?

One overlooked subject in the aftermath of divorce is healthcare for the children. Here’s a look at how this may be handled during and after the divorce process.

Pro-Bono Divorce Attorney

This attorney is one that will represent people with low-income when they are seeking a divorce and does not charge them for their services. In Latin pro-bono means “for the good” and in the legal world it means that divorce attorney will provide all legal services required for the divorce at no cost to their client. Their clients may be referred to them from domestic violence shelters or be a walk-in client.

Who Is Responsible for the Mortgage After A Quit Claim Deed Is Signed?

Before a divorce can be final in California, couples are required by the court to equally divide all community property, such as bank accounts, personal vehicles, furniture, retirement accounts, pension plans, etc., as well as debts, such as mortgages, car loans and credit card debts, Under California law, separate property debts and assets (usually acquired before or after the marriage) are assigned to the spouse responsible for them. Community property assets and debts must be divided equitably between both spouses.

A Look At Some Of The Major Decisions Made In Divorce Court

Entering divorce court can be extremely stressful as the decisions made by the court can change the course of your future. Getting a divorce is not simply a matter of separating from your spouse. There are several other issues that need to be determined, from the alimony to dividing assets and debts. If there are children involved, it gets even more complex as there are issues of parenting, custody and maintenance issues also that need to be taken into consideration.

Six Tech Trends to Know Heading Into the New Year

As we look back at 2016 and gear up for a new year, it’s smart to brush up on new trends in the legal industry. By new trends, I mean new technology, because the terms have become almost synonymous. Technology has impacted our profession dramatically in recent years, and it continues to do so at an accelerating pace.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Divorce Process in Maryland

States have widely divergent specifications about the divorce process, its requirements and steps, and even the types of divorce. Learn more about the most frequently asked questions pertaining to divorce in Maryland here.

Will the Presidential Election Have an Impact on Family Law, and If So, How?

This guide explores how the upcoming Presidential election may impact an overlooked area such as family law. If there is a potential impact, how will that occur?

Cross-Border Divorces In Cyprus

Increased mobility and international families are two of the primary outcomes of globalisation. That is to say, spouses may come from different countries, they may have relocated abroad and they may have assets in more than one country. As a result, if an international marriage collapses then more than one jurisdiction will have the power to deal with the divorce.

The Currency of Relationships

In this article we discuss a very simple concept using the metaphor of currency. It is a concept that highlights the principle of reciprocity which is important in any relationship.

Divorce – The Ugly Side of Marriage

The ‘Angelina Jolie-Brat Pitt’ pair has scintillated showbiz and their life together has fascinated the world at large. Their social work and initiatives work brought them huge adulation and praise in equal measure to their work and the complete family picture of a happy couple with six children was surely the envy of many. They could do no wrong and the picture they presented was as rosy and perfect as anything that could be.

Five Reasons You May Need a Family Law Attorney During a Divorce

Throughout years of courtship, you’ll likely share various assets including bank accounts, cars, property, pets, and even children, which can all make divorce proceedings complex. This is when you need to consider the benefits of a family law attorney, which is someone who will guide you through the complicated legal proceedings.

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