What is Parental Alienation?

Why You Should Hire A Divorce Lawyer For Alimony Issues

Today, everyone is so determined to do things themselves that they also go to the extent of handling divorce proceedings themselves while shunning any legal help that a lawyer could otherwise provide. There are numerous reasons why this is the incorrect approach which can do more harm than good.

Family Law Explained

This article is about family law. It covers everything from family lawyers to family law jurisdiction to deeply explain to our readers what “family law” really is.

The Rights of Parents

If all parents and child-serving institutions served children’s developmental interests, the issue of parental rights seldom would be raised. Parental rights are no longer based on the presumption that children are property. Legal and physical custodial rights enable parents to discharge their responsibilities in a parent-society contract (parenthood) that provides a strong moral imperative for public efforts to ensure children’s safety and quality of life. Parental rights really are prerogatives essential for discharging the duties of parenthood. A shift from the rights of parents to the best interests of children has gradually emerged in our courts. Parents who fail to meet specified conditions can have their parental rights terminated to permit adoption of a child.

The Fathers Rights Movement

The fathers and supporters of the fathers rights movement believe in the fact that a child has an equal right to be raised by the father and not only the mother. They also believe that the child must be awarded to the father if he is the better parent, or the mother is not interested. The people in the fathers rights movement believe that segregation in courtrooms is unlawful and may not be enforced through contempt citations for disobedience or through other means.

Laws Governing Family Law And Same Sex Marriage Transformed by Supreme Court Rulings

Two landmark United States Supreme Court decisions will have a major impact on the laws governing same-sex marriage and family in California. Same-sex couples will have increased rights under state and federal law.

The Difference Between Divorce and Legal Separation

There are many options for a couple that doesn’t want to stay together. There is divorce for the ones, who need to put an end to their marriage. Couples can also go for annulment that would invalidate their marriage as an incident that never happened. Then there is legal separation, which is a better option for a couple having kids.

How to Make Your Child Custody Case Easier on the Kids

In a contentious divorce action, children may feel that they are caught in the middle between arguing parents. As a parent, how can you help them to fell more at ease about the huge change in their lives that divorce will bring? It is important to know what you can do to to ease the process of the child custody process.

Do You Know What to Look for in A Divorce Attorney?

A divorce, or marital dissolution, can be an extremely emotional event, and is normally quite difficult at best. Having the right divorce lawyer by your side can make the whole process go a little bit easier.

Top Practices Legal Advisers Should Maintain

For individuals, a law firm could be the last place to go because going this place can mean expenses. However, for serious family and corporate legal matters, the services of good legal advisers are invaluable. Lawyers are made for very good reasons, and they must deliver their services in the most professional way.

The Significance of “Shared Care Amendment” In the Family Law

When the Family Law Amendment (Shared Parental Responsibility) Act 2006 commenced in May 2006, the phrase “presumption of equal shared parental responsibility” was introduced as a concept. Since that time, it has continued to attract a lot of publicity both in relation to what it actually means (i.e. does it mean ‘equal time’?) and the effect of the law on children.

Child Residence Order

A child residence order dictates who a child will live with. They can be enforced is a divorcing couple cannot agree upon who the child should live with. The court will decide what is best for the child taking the child’s welfare into account. It is the child who has a right to having two parents and not a parents right to see their child. This makes residence orders and contact orders very important!

How To Divorce In Pennsylvania

This article will discuss two basic questions about Divorce in Pennsylvania: what are the grounds, and what is the process. A Divorce can be obtained in Pennsylvania based either on both fault, and no-fault grounds.

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