What’s the Most Common Reason for Divorce?

Virtual Divorce Consultations for Mediation & Other Family Law Matters May Be the Future

Whether it’s our personal or social lives, or our business lives, many of us don’t adapt to using new types of technology or services until there’s a need for it. There often must be some new problem or issue which arises, or a change in circumstances that forces our hands, often for the better, to try something new. In the case of something like the coronavirus pandemic, businesses of all types quickly began doing just that, trying out video conferencing and online meeting software and services they had otherwise been ignoring.

Must a Pre-Nuptial Agreement Be Registered?

Future spouses, who have mutually decided to enter into a pre-nuptial agreement, must execute the agreement in writing prior to the celebration of the marriage in order for it to be valid. The Family Codes does not require that the agreement be in the form of a public instrument. However, in order for the agreement effective against third persons, it must be the form of a public instrument.

Recognition of Divorce in the Philippines

In a previous article, we mentioned that Article 26 of the Family Code provides that where a valid marriage between a Filipino and a foreign spouse, and thereafter a divorce is validly obtained by the foreign spouse which allows the foreigner to remarry, the Filipino spouse shall also be capacitated to marry. It’s not all that simple though..

Is a Pre-Nuptial Agreement Allowed in the Philippines?

In a country where marriage is not only celebrated as a momentous life event but is likewise duly protected by law, the idea of pre-nuptial agreements have gained an unfavorable social connotation. It seems to be sending the message that the parties are not in it for the long run and that spouse with the more favorable bank account is making sure that in any event, his/her property remains their alone. There is truth to be told in the above scenario, but what the public does not understand are the reasons and detailed agreements set forth in…

What Is Psychological Incapacity in Annulment Cases?

“The reason why our marriage failed is that my husband is a serial womanizer. After several attempts at reconciliation, I drew the line when he threatened to hurt me and our children. He no longer provides support for our children nor reside in our conjugal home as he now lives with another woman.

Analyzing the Most Common Causes of Divorce

What are the most common causes of divorce? Understanding this can shed light on your own situation or help you avoid common pitfalls in relationships.

Why Are More People Choosing Divorce Mediation Instead of Court Battles?

Divorce mediation is seemingly becoming a more popular route for couples facing divorce. There are a number of benefits and advantages to pursuing this option that are worth considering.

Most Common Questions About Divorce

For anyone facing a divorce, it’s a trying time. In most situations though, people share the same concerns and questions, which can be a helpful starting point to learn more about the process and set expectations.

Why & How Smartphones Have Become a Problem in Marriages

Smartphones are becoming a larger and larger problem in relationships and marriages. It’s important to take a look at what that’s the case, as well as how it’s happening.

Four Great Services of Top Divorce Lawyers in The Woodlands Benefit You Greatly

No denying, passing through a divorce is highly taxing for couples depending on its complexity, which is rather evident, when you are long married, owned property and having children. When it comes to child custody, it happens to be the central part of a divorce agreement while your parental right and responsibilities are included in the agreement. Considering the delicacy of the case it’s the best practice to seek legal support from top divorce lawyers in The Woodlands.

How to Get Started With Gestational Surrogacy: A Checklist to Help Intended Parents

When you make the decision to pursue surrogacy, there are some steps that you’ll need to take right away. Review our checklist for intended parents who are just getting started with surrogacy.

Married 25 Years and Now No Spousal Support?! On the Annulment of Putative Marriages in Nevada

How is it possible that a couple could be married for a quarter of a century in good faith, yet the law prohibits spousal support? Further, how does this same legal doctrine ensure that a spouse will not be left high and dry? There is a complicated concept in Nevada family law called a putative marriage that I will explain through an example and a few follow-up questions.

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