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Being Smart and Sensitive About Child Custody Cases

Nobody wants to have to battle over their children. The fact is that having quarrels with the other parent of your kids can be quite agonizing to everyone else in your family. Grievously, having to fight is sometimes crucial. There are a variety of reasons for people to fight when it comes to custody issues. When they do, they affect many innocent people along their journey.

Important Factors to Look For When Selecting Divorce Lawyers

Ending a marriage after being together for years can be a terrible situation to face for anyone. However, going through a divorce is sometimes the only option for people and the best way to get it is with the help of divorce lawyers.

Divorce Insurance – Never Leave Home Without It

Insurance is designed to protect in case of an accident or disaster. Divorce Insurance is no different. Far too many families have found themselves below the poverty line especially after an untimely divorce without any kind of protection; finally there is help to keep you from falling completely on your face.

What You Should Know About Domicile and Legal Residence

Domicile and residence are important requirements of divorce law. It is important to know what you need to prove to insure that the state you want to file in has jurisdiction to handle your divorce.

Prenuptial Agreements Serve Important Estate Planning Function

Prenuptial agreements still get a bad rap. People often crack jokes when talking about them, saying they are for the paranoid, the pessimistic, and the greedy. And how unromantic they are.

Is Libel An Intolerable Condition?

As our society changes the way it communicates and interacts, our laws and legal definitions must either stretch or be changed to meet the needs of the society they work to protect. One of the changing methods of communication in our culture centers around the impact of the blog. Any person may now publish their thoughts in public sight, but at times the impact of a person’s words in print are not always so vague or anonymous.

Steps To Take Prior To Your Divorce

Certain steps should be taken as you learn about your divorce. This article is about the do’s and don’ts concerning your divorce.

The Effects of Divorce

A divorce is a decision in court that is for the purpose of terminating a marriage. The parties are able to marry again after the divorce is served. Obtaining a divorce is a very traumatic experience for both partners.

Process for Filing for Divorce

The divorce process itself can be a complicated and lengthy process. Depending on your state’s laws, you might be able to legally separate before the court finalizes your divorce. This ensures that the spouses continue to meet their legal responsibilities to each other and to any children they might have.

10 Random Family Law and Divorce FAQS

Is there any way to shorten the 90 day waiting period after the nominal Rhode Island Divorce. Why is there a 90 day waiting period in Rhode Island? I am in a rush to get a divorce, do I have wait until the nominal divorce hearing which is typically 65 days after filing? Can I file for divorce if we do not satisfy the 1 year Rhode Island Residency Requirement to obtain a RI Divorce.

Domestic Violence Penalties

When a person faces an abusive spouse or parent with the means to press criminal charges as well as go after civil damages, one of the important steps in this process is understanding the types of penalties that can be levied against those who have harmed them. A domestic violence charge brings serious punishments in order to prevent future instances of abuse as well as aggressively defend those hurt in the past.

Alimony in Mississippi

Alimony, which is also known as spousal support, may be ordered by a judge in the event of a divorce if either spouse does not possess a separate estate or if a spouse’s assets are not substantial enough to provide a sufficient means of support. In most cases, alimony occurs as a monthly allowance that is paid by one spouse to the other. In the state of Mississippi, the purpose of alimony is to compensate for any undue, financial effects of a divorce by providing a continuing source of income to the lower-wage earning or non-wage earning spouse. In many states, alimony award guidelines are based on the federal Uniform Marriage and Divorce Act.

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