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How to Find Divorce Records Online – How to Confirm If Someone Is Divorced

Are you wondering how to find divorce records? Or are you wondering if someone is divorced? Well, it is actually quite easy to confirm if someone is divorced. Here is what you can do…

Child Support Payments – What You Need To Know

Many seem to have the idea that California child support payments are not a priority when looking at the big picture, but in fact, this is one of the most important aspects of a divorce. It is actually one of the top priorities, and rightly so.

Should Alimony Laws Be Changed in the USA?

Whether spousal support is awarded following the dissolution of a marriage depends on several factors including the standard of living that was established during the marriage and the ability of each party to maintain that standard based on their potential of self-support. Other factors are also involved including contributions made to the other party’s education, training etc.

Division of Assets

There are many complexities to divorce, but one of the most controversial parts of a divorce settlement is making arguments for the division of assets. The decision is primarily based on the individual circumstances of the union and can have many different outcomes. It is hard to predict the outcome of your settlement, but understanding the laws of your state and the factors the court will take into consideration is a step towards gaining insight into the division of your desirable assets.

Death After Divorce

Dealing with the death of a family member is often a difficult experience, but things can become especially complicated when that person is your former spouse. After a marriage is dissolved, the ties that bound those people together are not necessarily severed. Mutual friends, family, children, and careers often link the exes despite the fact that the marriage is no longer existing, but even when the former partners do not remain close, death can lead to grief and legal complexities.

Equitable Distribution in Divorce Cases

The process of divorce requires that both parties make lots of decisions. In a divorce proceeding, these decisions can often have long lasting and far reaching results. No decision should be taken lightly, especially concerning how to properly divide the shared property of a couple. It is unfair to expect a person not trained in the legal proceedings of a state to know exactly how property division works. Because of this, an experienced divorce attorney can be a huge benefit to any person considering divorce.

Grounds For Divorce

Every state has specific regulations concerning divorce and what are justified grounds for divorce. Some states have a broad range of topics that may allow a couple to be legally divorced. Other states only have a few regulated reasons and judges are given great jurisdiction in deterring the necessity of divorce. One of the reasons for divorce that is widely acknowledged in different states is the issue of mental health.

Four Things to Bring to Your First Meeting With a Divorce Lawyer

You’ve just decided (or found out) that you’re getting a divorce. You’ve arranged a meeting with one or more divorce lawyers. Bringing the following four items to your first meeting with a divorce attorney will help him or her come up to speed on your situation and better evaluate your case.

Grounds for Absolute Divorce

An absolute divorce refers to legally dissolving a marriage. After this form of divorce is granted, your relationship status in both the dating world and legal world will be single. In order for you to obtain an absolute divorce, you must show just cause for the split. Typically your and your spouse’s divorce attorneys will discuss the circumstances. A fair settlement will then be decided, hopefully out of court. The divorce settlement will determine the division of property and other assets, child custody, and alimony and child support payments. The settlement will be based on your and your spouse’s financial and personal situations.

Common Types of Visitation Agreements

There are several different types of visitation agreements. You may be wondering what kind of agreement would work best for your situation. There are some common types of agreements you should know about as you consider which one will work best for you.

Divorce Advice for Men

Gender roles can be a factor in every setting, even in the court system. Divorce proceedings can be an example of this. But it is possible for men to overcome some of the stereotypes and ideas about the role of men in a divorce. Presenting an accurate representation of your role in your marriage and family life is crucial to being considered as a unique individual in your divorce proceedings.

10 Easy Steps You Can Take to Lower the Cost of Your Divorce

Write down all of your questions and the things you want to tell your attorney ahead of time and have them with you when you meet with your attorney, phone your attorney, or email your attorney. Carry a notepad or journal around with you and jot down your questions when you think of them. If you have an iPhone, take full advantage of the Notes application…

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