Buying Craigs List Positive Pregnancy Test Leads to Fraud

No Credit for Negative Equity in Michigan Divorce Cases

The married parties own a home or other real estate that has an appraised value that is lower than the amount of secured debt owed on the home. This is often referred to as being “upside down” on your home. If one spouse keeps the property in the divorce, can they request a credit against other savings or assets for their assumption of this negative equity?

Save Your Marriage, Be Nice to Your Spouse – Advice From a Divorce Lawyer

Do not take your marriage or your relationship for granted. Here are some suggested thoughts on trying to make your spouse happy, which in turn should make for a better relationship and hopefully avoid the disastrous consequences that can be a result of a relationship turned bad.

Chinese Certified Translation of Divorce Certificate for United States Immigration Applicants

According to China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs, 1.71 million couples divorced in 2009. These figures are only for divorces granted by the offices of the Ministry of Civil Affairs and do not include divorces granted by the Chinese courts. As per estimates, 20% of Chinese marriages end in divorce.

Divorce – No Lawyers, No Fees

Divorce is often times the last option a couple may have when a marriage has fallen apart. The problem with taking this route is that getting a marriage dissolved is not the simplest of tasks usually. Child custody, assets, child support and alimony are all elements that must be legally dealt with and agreed upon first.

The Restraining Order 101

Immortalized in pop culture by the Dixie Chicks’ novelty tune “Goodbye, Earl”, the story of an abusive boyfriend who is killed and dumped in the river by his abused girlfriend, the restraining order has long been a method by which parties attempt to keep other parties at arm’s length. Restraining orders are given against people who may have been harassing you, or have caused injury, or made overt threats against your safety or your life.

What You Don’t Know About Divorce and Business Ownership

Being a business owner is a challenging job, and as the head honcho, you probably already have your hands full. Plus, during these days of recession, it can be a trick just keeping the doors open. Therefore, the last thing you need is more hassle about your company; however, if you end up going through a divorce, you could find even more business problems, even if your spouse had nothing to do with your company at all. What you don’t know about divorce and business ownership can come back to haunt you.

The Advantages Of A DIY Divorce

The prevalence of DIY divorces is growing in many areas. This is primarily due to the number of advantages that come with doing so. One benefit of a do-it-yourself divorce is that you avoid having to settle it in a courtroom, as the parties resolve the issues on their own and eliminate some of the complications. Mediators are available to help with completing a private settlement and divorce.

When Inconsistency Overtakes Divorced Parents And The Children

Minor children who are being raised by divorced parents need consistent rules to avoid negative consequences down the road. If parents choose to ignore the warnings and continue to have conflicting sets of disciplinary measures, they are only setting up the minor children for more harm and hurt.

Divorce Attorneys Are Recommended To End A Marriage

For many couples, divorce is not foreseeable. Unfortunate things do happen and divorce becomes the only way out. Hiring a divorce attorney is recommended when going through a dissolution of marriage.

Am I A Bad Person Because I’m Thinking of Getting a Divorce?

It’s really a tough decision to decide whether or not to divorce and it might take a long time to make this decision. Discuss your feelings with your spouse, and start to find answers to the following questions.

A Message For Non-Resident Parents Subject To A Child Support Agency Order

From April 2011 important changes are being gradually made to the Child Support Agency rules, which will affect how much the non-resident parent will have to pay. This article explains some of the changes to the rules and enforcement procedures.

Alimony Is Alive And Well

Alimony is alive and well, but the advents of the working woman and women’s liberation have frequently eroded its award in court. This has made representation of the middle-aged homemaker displaced from a long-term marriage a problematic area for the divorce practitioner.

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