California Child Declared Brain Dead Teaches Important Legal Lesson

Paying for Bills During a Separation

You do not have to wait until your divorce is final to get help with bills. A judge can issue temporary orders.

Understanding Family Law

The realm of family law is constantly changing and evolving and there is no section of law more emotionally charged than this. In Florida, as in a lot of other states, there have been some substantial changes of late, and it can be a confusing matter to understand. While it is always best to rely on your attorney to handle the details involved in ascertaining child support, alimony or child custody, it can be helpful to all parties involved to have some understanding of the laws as they pertain to your individual case.

Child Custody and Divorce

Child custody for parents in the United Kingdom. Where to start if you happen to be going through a separation or divorce.

Divorce and Bankruptcy

Divorce and bankruptcy can each create a difficult time in a person’s life. Unfortunately for some couples, financial problems are what lead them to divorce. While an impending bankruptcy and divorce can seem very overwhelming, there are a few things to know to help ease the process.

The Benefits of Mediating Your Divorce

Mediation is a negotiation process that endeavors to resolve disputes fairly and efficiently. In mediation sessions, a neutral mediator helps the parties reach a mutually satisfactory settlement by creating an environment that facilitates productive communication. Contentious issues are identified and explored.

Important Information on the No Contest Divorce

A divorce can be handled in several ways: by contesting or not contesting. The best route is generally a no content divorce, or more commonly referred to as an uncontested divorce. This path is not nearly as costly, takes far less time, and isn’t as stressful as what you would normally experience in a typical divorce proceeding. However, before you decide to go through with an uncontested divorce, it’s important to understand exactly what it entails. This can be done through research and by consulting attorneys.

Handling the Stress and Emotions of Divorce

If you want to be relaxed from sorrow, stress & Emotions of divorce! Read this article to get some tips to make your future great.

International Divorce and Divorce in Bahrain

Like all legal matters the law surrounding divorce will vary considerably from country to country and across differing cultures. However, the issue is becoming more prevalent as people travel more, but also as the trend for divorce is on the rise. This article looks at some of these issues taking the example of Bahrain to illustrate the contrast of legal processes overseas.

Three “Fault Divorce” Arguments You Should Know Inside and Out Before Hiring a Family Law Attorney

When facing a divorce where the issue of fault is a significant factor, there are three incredibly important legal ideas you should know about. This article explains them in detail and you may be quite surprised at the ways that a lawyer can utilize them.

What Is Child Custody in Legal Terms?

Child custody is legal term which sometimes used to describe the legal relationship between a parent and the child, such as the right and duty to take care of a minor child on a daily basis, and decision making about the child. There are two forms of child custody: One is sole custody and the other is joint custody. In sold custody arrangements, one of the parents will take care of the child most of the time and has major decision power about the child.

Four Traits of an Effective Divorce Attorney

For many people who were once married, they can attest that ending the marriage is one of the toughest challenges to ever exist when it comes to dealing with the legal issues surrounding it. For this reason, divorce lawyers all around the country provide support to help effectively manage all of the paperwork, court proceedings and communication between both parties.

Why Do You Require Prenuptial Agreement?

Pre-nuptial agreement is known in its abbreviated name Prenupt or Prenup. It is also known as premarital agreement or antenuptial agreement. Prenupt is a kind of contract created before marriage or civil union by the couples who are interested to marry each other.

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