Co-parenting through COVID and Vaccination Disputes

The Family Business After Divorce

Many couples who work together in a family business will, unfortunately, experience divorce. Even after the separation, though, many of them manage to successfully continue working together to run their business. One key is to set up the right structure and expectations from the outset.

How To Calculate Child Support and Spousal Support On Your Own and How to Use the Dissomaster

How to calculate child support and spousal support on your own. How to use the Dissomaster to determine child support and spousal support. Advice on how to effectively use the Dissomaster program to estimate your monthly payment.

When Will You Need Services of a Family Law Firm?

We do not consult a family lawyer until we find ourselves trapped in problems which cannot be solved. It is better to have a trustworthy family lawyer so that when you come across such problems you don’t have to start worrying about finding the right law firm.

What Boston Divorce Attorneys Need To Tell You About the Latest Modifications in Alimony Legislation

In Sept. 2011, Governor Deval Patrick authorized the Alimony Reform Act. The conventions of this Act went live on March 1, 2012 – putting into place broad changes which significantly transformed existing Alimony Law. It’s been nearly 2 years after the fact, yet there still remain a number of concerns re: this Act, its influence on Alimony statutes, and what people entering into separation and divorce proceedings should be aware of. Allow me to share a few factors a Boston divorce lawyer must be revealing with their clientele.

Permanent Alimony Poised to Become a Thing of the Past

Governor Rick Scott is due to sign into law legislation recently passed in the Florida Congress that will end what used to be called “permanent alimony” and focus instead on what will be known as “durational support.” This durational support will only last for a certain durational time period.

Family Law Update: Queen’s Park Tries To Toughen Things Up

In response to public outrage about a few unusual incidents related to cases before the Family Courts, the Ontario Government has passed the Family Statute Amendment Act. It came into force on March 1, 2010 and it makes three changes to Ontario Family Law.

Child Custody and the Best Interests of the Child

When determining child custody matters, the ‘best interests of the child’ is now the most common statutory standard which is used by most states in the United States as the guiding principle which judges use to decide the outcome of these cases. It is also important to understand that these cases are frequently decided by negotiation between the parties but that the parties may independently apply the standard concerned to resolve the matter. There is also often a significant difference between the orders that are made by a court and the practical effect of these orders because the enforcement of…

Joint Custody Arrangements in Modern Family Law

Joint custody, which is otherwise known as shared custody, has increasingly become an alternative order to be made by judges deciding child custody disputes. Earlier on it was more normal for there to be an order for sole custody to be granted to the mother of the children and then visitation rights to be granted to the father. The arrangement can either be the subject of a custody agreement negotiated between the parents or it can be imposed upon the couple by the judge deciding the case in the view that it is in the best interests of the children…

Child Custody and the Primary Caretaker Preference

The concept of the primary careftaker preference became very popular in the law of a number of the states of the United States during the 1980s. It has since been the subject of a great deal of academic debate. The way that it plays out in the court rooms across the country has also led to the formation of some fathers groups who feel that this element of the family law in America is unfair on fathers.

What Can Family Law Attorneys Do for You?

Family law attorneys can guide you through divorce proceedings in order to ensure that your interests are being looked out for. Hiring a family lawyer will save you time, and surprisingly, money, as well.

Child Custody Agreements and the Effect on Judicial Decision Making in Family Law

Negotiation is the most common method of resolving child custody disputes. The majority of divorces are contested between the parties and it is never clear at the beginning of the divorce proceedings how arrangements between the parties regarding child custody are likely to be resolved. It may be the result of the financial position of each of the parties or the need to find a solution quickly before going to trial.

Child Support Applications and the Effect of Harsh Economic Conditions

In the law of child support in the United States, there has been a revolution because of the imposition of standardised guidelines which means that judges must give decisions based on these strict guidelines or give their reasons for not following these guidelines. Often it seemed to be the case that courts had an unrealistic view of the true costs involved in raising children. However these days the standardized guidelines now give fixed determinations of the amount of support which is payable.

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