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Annulments Vs Divorce

There are many reasons one might separate from his or her spouse, and once the decision is made to end a marriage, it is easier on both parties to find an acceptable agreement and move on with their lives. For most couples, this means seeking legal assistance and pursuing a divorce, but occasionally a couple will qualify and choose to annul the marriage. The differences between annulment and divorce are subtle and vary from state to state, but the biggest concept to understand is that an annulment attempt to return the spouses to their lives before the marriage occurred, and a divorce attempts to legally separate all the assets of the union. To better understand the legal requirements of your separation, contact an attorney in your area.

Doctors and Domestic Violence

There are some expectations that someone might hold regarding the responsibility of their primary care giver. In particular, many people may believe that doctors are prepared to handle cases of domestic abuse when the signs are presented to them. However, not all physicians are either trained enough to deal with cases of abuse or are willing to intervene in their patients’ private lives. As a result, a doctor may not reach out to assist those who have been abused by a parent, spouse, or relative.

What Is Alimony?

Alimony, or spousal support, is a court order that works to keep one party in a divorce from taking advantage of the other because of unequal financial situations. In many marriages, one spouse provides an unequal percentage of the family income. To prevent one spouse from using their financial inequality to disadvantage their spouse, the courts can order that one spouse pays support to the other.

Marital Property Agreement

It is difficult for a divorcing couple to split a vehicle right down the middle. It is impossible to divide their home in half. Therefore, the definition of an “equal division of property” is not necessarily set in stone. Many couples choose to sign a “marital property agreement” to decide how physical property will be divided in a divorce or in the event of a spouse’s death. There are many different items involved in a couples legal “property.” Examples include real estate, motor vehicles, and financial assets. Sometimes the definition includes intellectual property rights.

Determining a Legal Child Custody Arrangement

A child custody arrangement will affect a family’s life for a very long time. It takes a tremendous amount of effort to change the terms of this agreement. Therefore, a divorcing couple should spend a great deal of time pondering what they believe is best for their child.

Importance of an Attorney for Marital Property Division Agreement

A Marital Division of Property Agreement is very similar to a prenuptial agreement. However, this type of agreement can be signed both before and during a divorce. This legally binding agreement establishes the division of marital property in the event a couple decides to divorce or after the death of one of the spouses.

Dressing for a Divorce Proceeding

For both men and women, it is crucial to put your best foot forward in a divorce proceeding in order to display your level of responsibility and concern. One of the best ways to do is to use how you dress and prepare yourself for your court appearance. These proceedings can have an enormous impact on your life and require your attention and respect.

Types And Importance Of Family Law

There are so many areas that the study of law covers and one good example is family law. This law mainly deals with issues that affect the family as a whole.

Parenting During a Divorce – Being a Hero in Your Kid’s Story

If you are the parent of a young child, you have probably listened to more children’s music than you care to admit. The simplistic, often overly repetitive nature of the sound can stick in your head. Trying to avoid catching the tunes is futile.

Making a Shared Visitation Schedule

Creating a shared visitation schedule for your children is important in making shared parenting work. Here are a few tips to help you make an effective shared visitation schedule.

Post-Divorce – How Child Custody Works

So you have just walked out the court room door with your freshly signed judgment and decree or custody agreement, now what? You have this wonderful or not so wonderful piece of paper that is supposed to draw the line in the sand for you and your ex as to what will happen with the kids, but life is never that simple.

Should I Go Or Should I Stay? Making the Decision to Divorce

People often say that marriages are serious commitments and require lots of work to maintain. In many regards this is true, but how do you know when it’s time to leave? Here are a few details to consider as you go through a divorce.

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