Divorce War Story Time: Forensic Accounting Testimony Wins the Day

Save Yourself, Get a Prenup

There is a common misconception that prenups are just for the rich and famous. However, the current financial crisis and rising rate of divorce make prenups something every couple should agree to make as a way to protect the assets they each have. A prenuptial agreement, aka “prenup”, is a legally binding contract formed by a couple prior to marriage which details how their property will be divvied up if they get a divorce.

Guide to Getting Free Divorce Advice

Divorce is a very expensive matter no matter how you look at it. With that being said it is important for one to get as much free advice as possible. This article will explain how to get free advice before taking the next step of finding an attorney.

Mediation and Harry Potter – Mediators Are Like Magic Wands

Like a wizard using the correct wand, it is absolutely imperative that you work with the appropriate mediator for your dispute. If there is one critical ingredient to the success of a mediation, it would be the mediator. Choose wisely!

Limping Marriages Create Complications in Gay Divorce

Members of the gay and lesbian community who jumped at the opportunity to take advantage of California’s brief fling with gay marriage can rest assured that divorce is also an option for them. Unfortunately, the process may not be as simple as it for straight couples. The most notable difficulty in gay divorce stems from a phenomenon known as limping marriages. This type of marriage occurs when a couple is married in one jurisdiction but then goes to another jurisdiction that does not recognize gay marriage.

Collaborative Divorce – A Better Alternative to a Nasty Court Battle

Would you like to know about an alternative to having to go to court to get a divorce? The world of Alternative Dispute Resolution is gaining momentum as people become disenchanted with our traditional court system. Courts are backlogged. Judges have too many cases. The costs of litigating your divorce in court can be enormous. If you had the choice to control the resolution of your own case and craft a settlement that meets your needs and interests, or go to court to let a judge who does not know you decide what is best for your family, what would you choose?

Understanding a Grandparent’s Rights

A grandparent’s rights to child custody and visitation have been a late evolving aspect of family law. There will be times when a grandparent will be awarded custody and visitation of their grandchildren.

How to Behave in Court When Going Through Divorce Proceedings

People attend Court without Lawyers in Divorce proceedings all the time. Here are some ideas to ensure that your divorce is granted and you remain free of embarrassment and stress while you represent yourself in your divorce hearing. This article is written specifically for Australian Divorces, so I refer to Australian Divorce law. If you are in another Country, then you may find some useful general tips about your behaviour. After all, judges seem to share the same desire for respect and good preparation, whichever country their Courtroom occupies. If you go to Court with a Lawyer, then there is a brief section of information for you. Your lawyer will have all of the legal stress, but you need to conduct yourself with dignity even though a divorce was never part of your life plan!

Why You Need a Divorce Attorney

Nobody asks for a divorce. Divorce is a rough time for anybody. When a person repeats the vow, “till death do us part,” we never expect to have to deal with a separation.

Annulment in California

Annulment is distinct from divorce in that it claims that the marriage never legally existed, or that it was based on fraud. To get an annulment, one must do so before the statute of limitations expires.

Divorce: Why Hire an Attorney?

Divorce is not a simple process; it involves asset and property division, child custody (if there are any children), visitation, child support and alimony (if any). When a divorcing spouse neglects to hire their own representation, they run the risk of forfeiting their rights earned through marriage.

Child Custody – Resolving Issues and Solving Problems

Life is unpredictable and change is the only reality. If life has been going on its track without many twists and turns, you would have just been plain lucky, and you can do well to enjoy the streak of good phase in life. However, when things do take a turn for the worse, and when relationships turn acrid, you suddenly find yourself faced with a slew of issues that you may not have thought of earlier, and find yourself in a not-so-enviable position of having to take some tough decisions – such as child custody.

The Benefits of Legal Separation

Legal separation is very similar to a divorce except for the fact that the marriage is not terminated. For some couples, it may be more beneficial to become legally separated as opposed to getting a divorce.

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