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Paternity Test – What Are the Ramifications?

Sometimes the father of a child is called into question. This can happen: (1) during a child support case, (2) during the middle of a divorce or (3) when a man simply wants to know if he’s fathered a child. Read this article to learn more about the ramifications of taking a paternity test.

The Importance of Marriage License Records Today

Marriage License Records serve as an official document that is useful in any legitimate proceedings like dealing with divorce, identity and inheritance and in finding out the marital background of your future spouse or current date. It can be obtained from your local government offices. Nowadays, commercial service providers are likewise widespread over the Internet. They offer instant and reliable reports for a small charge only.

Divorce Records Obtainable Via Web

Marriage and divorce records go hand in hand these days, the former relates every detail about the wedding ceremony and the people involved while the latter contains reports about marriages that eventually ended for some reasons. With modern technology, the needed data can now be acquired within just a few seconds through the Internet. Pay a nominal fee and behold the most reliable result without any hassle whatsoever.

Obtaining a Divorce in Maryland or Washington, DC

There are a number of requirements that must be satisfied when seeking to obtain a divorce in Maryland or the District of Columbia. These requirements concern residency (how long you have lived in Maryland or Washington, D.C.) as well as the basis for your divorce (referred to as grounds). This article will briefly summarize the various requirements for obtaining a divorce in Maryland and the District of Columbia.

WSJ Investigates Facebook and Divorce Connection

Facebook cannot “cause” a divorce any more than a plane can “cause” a crash. People initiate, respond and act. Facebook may facilitate things. Facebook may create introductions, or re-introductions to former friends (or to friends of friends). But human beings are the actors, not Facebook.

Preparing a Prenuptial/Antenuptial and Postnuptial Agreement

Here are some details that you should be award of when preparing a prenuptial/antenuptial and postnuptial agreement. You should visit a lawyer before signing any agreement so that they can review your agreement and make sure you and your assets are protected. Read on to learn more.

Child Custody, Parenting Plans, and Best Interests of the Child

Whenever there is a child involved in a couple’s break-up, major decisions on custody need to be made in that child’s best interests. The custody issues that unmarried parents encounter in Arizona differ in some ways from those faced by their married counterparts. When unmarried parents have a child, but paternity, custody, and parenting time have not yet been established, then the instability and unpredictability of each parent’s access to the child can be very detrimental for everyone in the family…

Paternity Test for Legal Reasons

Do you need a paternity test? You could if: (1) you’re fighting for the custody of a child, (2) you suspect a child isn’t yours or (3) you’re trying to prove that someone owes you child support. You might not realize that this type of test is possible, but it is. One of these tests might turn a bad situation in your favor.

3111 Evaluation Guidelines in California

A 3111 evaluation is essentially a type of child custody evaluation in the state of California, as it is done under California Family Code Section 3111. This is used to help the Court determine child custody orders and visitation rights of non-custodial parents. This differs from a 730 evaluation in that the 3111 evaluation is typically less time consuming and is not as in-depth as the former.

Protecting Your Child During A Separation

Divorces and separations can be difficult especially when it involves children. Couples need to make a decision about visitation rights as well as financial issues.

How To Prepare For A Divorce

Getting a divorce is not fun, but having a good attorney and being educated on legal matters can make it go more smoothly. It is crucial to know how to handle this situation and set yourself up for success.

Getting Through A Breakup

This article discusses the steps you have to go through in a break up of a marriage. Professionals are nice to have because they can be an immense help when it comes to these difficult situations.

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