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Fathers’ Rights – Do I Need to Establish Paternity?

I often get this question by fathers, especially those whose names are on the birth certificates of the children. “Do I really need to establish paternity?” The bottom line is – yes, you do. If you and the mother were not married, establishing paternity is crucial to you obtaining any rights as a father. There are actually many reasons to establish paternity that will benefit your child in the long run.

Paternity Issues – Are You a Deadbeat Dad?

When it comes to paternity issues, the State may think you are a deadbeat dad regardless of whether it is true or not. If you have recently been hit with a paternity suit, you may be trying to swim your way upstream in a river of sharks. It doesn’t take long to realize there is only one thing the State truly cares about if they are involved in the child support and that is getting your money. They could care less if you ever see your child or if any of your rights are established. They want the money back they have invested into the mother and child.

Parenting Evaluation in a Paternity Case

Whenever a paternity case takes place, a parenting evaluation almost always occurs as well. Establishing parentage and custody battles can be difficult things to go through, and parenting evaluations are supposed to be for the benefit of the children. Basically, in this situation, a third party is used to talk with everyone who is involved in the case and report their findings to the court. This person can be either court appointed or the parents can agree on one.

Why Is My Driver’s (Or Business) License Being Revoked?

If you are a father who has been unable to make your child support payments lately, you may wake up one day to find your driver’s license and/or business license has been revoked. It is certainly a shock if you have no clue that it can happen. But it can and it does.

Will I Go to Jail for Contempt of Non Payment Charge?

Many dads immediately panic when they get noticed they are being served with a Contempt of Non Payment charge. They imagine all kinds of horrible things happening, including going to jail. The panic can be even worse if you are one of those who simply could not make your payments because of your circumstances. The thought of going to jail can set the stoutest hearted dad back and make him willing to do and say anything the Ex wants to keep it from happening. But don’t get into a panic!

What to Do If You Are Served With Paternity Papers?

Are you one of many men who had a short term relationship with a woman and it broke off without going anywhere, only to find yourself some time later being served with paternity papers? You are probably going through a myriad of emotions, if so. Especially of she never even told you she was pregnant and you are now presented with a child. This can happen even years after the baby is born. What can you expect and what do you do?

Fathers Rights – Things You Need to Be Aware of in a Paternity Case

If you have decided to pursue filing for paternity in order to establish yourself as the father and have full parental rights, there are some things you should be aware of. There are certain steps and processes that need to take place. Understanding the process can make it go smoother for you.

Paternity in the Case of Father’s Rights

Basically, when it comes to paternity, there are three different types of paternity suits that can occur. They are: Mother files against the dad. This one is usually so the mother can have custody of the children but wants dad to pay child support.

Defending a Contempt of Court Charge – File for Child Support Modification

You may find yourself in a state of despair if you have been unable to pay your child support and your ex-wife, or someone on her behalf, has decided ask for a Contempt for Nonpayment charge to be brought against you. But as I have been saying in my previous articles, there are many things you can do to convince the court you are not truly in contempt and that it is beyond your control. You really are hurting for money and are unable to pay.

Defense for Contempt of Court – Keep Those Payment Receipts!

We have been talking about what you need to do to form a strong argument against non-compliance of child support payment and what you can do in a situation where you are slapped with a contempt charge. In previous articles, we have covered preparing your argument, being factual, making payments and putting everything in writing. Along with all of that goes the proof that you have made payments in the past regularly and that you are continuing to do so in some fashion now. Without that proof, you have nothing to go on.

Put It in Writing – A Contempt for Non Payment Defense

Everything you do when preparing your defense for a contempt for nonpayment defense needs to be documented. You not only need to have your facts straight, as stated in in previous articles on contempt of court, but it needs to be written down. Your argument that you are not willfully non-compliant, even though it needs to be expressed verbally, also needs to be written down. Everything should always be in writing. There are several reasons for this.

Being Factual During Your Contempt for Non Payment Defense

Any time you have to go into a court room for anything and make your plea, it can be a very stressful situation. And when you are being accused of something you definitely did not do, it only adds to the stress. In previous articles, I explained how to get started on your defense if you are hit with a Contempt of Court charge for nonpayment of child support. Being factual is going to be one of your most important steps. It will help you prove your case in a courtroom where all the empathy is on the mother’s side.

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