How Can I Keep My Spouse Out of The House?

How to Find a Good Divorce Lawyer – A Few Quick Tips

Finding a good divorce lawyer is of the utmost importance once you have come to that final decision that a divorce is truly in the best interest for everyone involved. If there is a chance the marriage can be salvaged, by all means, do whatever it takes especially if you have children. The toll that a divorce can take on the entire family is huge and the effects can literally last a lifetime and affect other relationships down the road.

What Are the Typical Post-Divorce Modifications?

The sting of a divorce isn’t limited to the legal process of dividing the couple’s assets, figuring out child support and alimony and other items handled through the courts, mediation or attorneys-or by the couple if they’re lucky enough to reach an agreement on their own. Post-divorce life can be difficult as well as both parties adjust to their new lives and the child custody and support, alimony and other arrangements made during the divorce process. When one party or both parties believe that certain aspects of the arrangement should be modified post-divorce, they may pursue certain legal avenues to…

Looking For a Divorce Lawyer?

When faced with making the often very difficult decision of getting a divorce, finding a divorce lawyer can add to the already stressful situation but is one that needs to be addressed. When you are searching for your divorce lawyer keep in mind that although he or she may end up playing some roles that a friend or perhaps even a therapist may fill, neither of these are in the divorce lawyer’s job description. Also keep in mind this is not the time to be thinking about looking for a new spouse or the most charming person in town…

Hiring The Right Divorce Attorney

It goes without saying that making that final decision to legally dissolve your marriage through obtaining a divorce is no small or simple one for the most part. It affects both partners’ lives emotionally, financially, legally and of course personally. Add to that the tasks of finding the right divorce attorney and then deciding how the assets and responsibilities will be divided up and you have a monumental event to work through.

Divorce Law: Paying Child Support

The state determines the amount that a non-custodial parent has to pay for child support. Therefore, each state has their own guidelines for this matter. The income of both parents however seems to be the primary consideration regardless of the area you are in. Either net income or gross income is used as a part of their formula. Generally, the percentage that each parent contributes to the marriage is will play a big role in the amount of child support owed.

The Option of a Court Room

Divorce Mediation service offers parties seeking a divorce the option to settle their divorce themselves, retaining control over their own destiny. A Divorce in a Court room occurs in front of a Judge instead of with a Family Law mediator. Judges are either appointed by the Governor or elected by the people depending on the laws of the state. Additionally…

High Conflict Mediation: 4 Tips for Mediators

High conflict people (HCPs) are highly defensive, preoccupied with blaming others, and desperate to receive validation for themselves. These characteristics may be part of their personality, in which case they bring this defensiveness with them everywhere they go. In some cases, both parties are HCPs, while in others one party is stuck in this defensiveness and the other is reasonable some or much of the time.

What Role Does A Property Settlement Agreement Play In Divorce?

The central component of any divorce is the Property Settlement Agreement. It details the division of assets, debts and parenting responsibilities (if minor children exist) of the parties. This article outlines the major components of any Property Settlement Agreement and gives some recommendations.

Possible Reasons and Ultimate Results Associated With No Fault Divorce

No fault divorce or under legal standing branded, “irreconcilable differences” would be the option for numerous husbands and wives according to exactly how content these folks are in their own marital relationship. By its most simple explanation, the case associated…

How to Find a Family Law Mediator in Massachusetts

The name of a provider of Divorce mediation services is often readily available through your attorney. In order to become an attorney, an individual needs to graduate from college, complete law school, and pass a bar examination specific to the state where he or she hopes to practice. Additionally, most states require attorneys to pass an ethical examination.

Issues You May Face During a Divorce

If your headed for divorce court and you’ve got anything worth protecting, hire a lawyer. Divorce can be a complex matter requiring expert legal guidance in order to stay clear of permanent and devastating pitfalls. Those that represent themselves, a.k.a. “pro se litigants”, often find out too late that the courtroom is no place for amateurs. In its most basic terms, divorce can be boiled down to four main issues: custody, visitation, child support, and division of the marital estate.

Benefits of Mediation After the Divorce

Family Law mediation provides a safety net for children of separation or divorce. If children are involved in a divorce, some aspects of the divorce are never final until those children are considered emancipated (no longer dependent) and even after that, the parties through their children will remain somewhat connected.

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