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Finding Hidden Assets in Divorce: Searching for Clues in Taxes and Financial Records

Every divorce and legal separation in Arizona requires the division of assets. With some couples, that process of division can be complex and contentious. Adding to that tension is the unfortunate reality that some individuals will attempt to conceal assets from their spouses.

What Are Some Common Consequences of Divorce?

Sometimes, those considering divorce have a hard time picturing their life after it’s over. Here are just a few possible consequences of a divorce, and how they might affect you and your family.

Top Divorce Attorneys Share Their Secrets on How to Win in a Divorce Settlement

Going through a divorce can be a rough process, but top divorce attorneys can give you tips on how to win. One of the biggest pieces of advice when getting divorced is to work with an attorney. A good attorney knows the ins and outs of family law, and will gather evidence necessary for your case, prepare the briefs and petitions and be ready to speak on your behalf. Be sure that you have all documentation about shared assets and proof of income, tax returns and other important individual information. To find out more tips from top divorce attorneys, read “Top Divorce Attorneys Share Their Secrets on How to Win in a Divorce Settlement.”

The Various Causes of Divorce

For any marriage to work, there has to be a strong foundation on which the partners can build a relationship. The relationship is built over years, and experience adds something to the foundation. One reason for increasing number of divorces can be women empowerment as they are now getting higher education, and higher salaries. Women have become very independent and have the liberty to choose the man they want to stay with.

Family Lawyer – Get the Help You Need For All Your Legal Issues

A family lawyer is a must when it comes to a variety of legal cases. Whether you want to adopt a child or are going through a divorce, one can give you the advice you need.

Divorce Alimony – An Overview

The term alimony may seem foreign to some people, but it is actually just another term for spousal support. It is the financial support that the spouse with a higher income pays to the spouse with a lower income. During a marriage, both parties are obliged to support each other. When a marriage ends and the support is continued, this is called alimony.

3 Highly Effective Budgeting Tips for Divorce

In today’s financially and economically difficult times, budgeting is especially important for divorcing or divorced people. Every singe dollar counts, and no one can just throw money around as if it grew on trees.

The Ins And Outs Of A Quick Separation

This article discusses tips on how to get through a separation. You want to end a marriage that is not nasty and is quick and this article tells you how to do that.

Ending A Marriage Is Never Easy

This article discusses tips on how to make separation less difficult. If you are nice and communicate, it will make things a lot less stressful.

Common Law Marriage – Five Things You Probably Don’t Know About Common Law Marriage

While some people might think “common law marriage” went out of style at about the same time as bell bottom jeans and the VW bus, the truth is that common law marriage is still alive and kicking! The problem is, too many people got confused when they started believing all the myths about the law, so it has become a lot less “common” than it was in the 60’s and 70’s. Laws governing common law marriage vary from state to state so you will need to refer to the state laws in which your reside.

Mediating The War Between The Sexes – The Beginning

When men and women divorce, a common element expressed by women as the cause of the marital failure is lack of communication and separate values. Not surprisingly, men who were party to the same marriage, rarely feel the same. Not only are conversational styles of men and women different, so are their cultures and cultural values.

Divorce and Bankruptcy Don’t Mix

Going through a divorce can be a challenging legal matter all by itself. When couples add additional issues like filing separately for bankruptcy the situation can become extremely volatile and convoluted. The main challenge divorcing couples face in filing for bankruptcy is discharging community debts.

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